Sex Offender Registry

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  1. So whats the purpose of providing this information to the public? I have an identity protection service that sends me alerts when someone who is registered moves into my area. What am I supposed to do with that info? Be scared? Take action? Ignore it? I suspect most of these people were busted for soliciting hookers or something but maybe one of them is a serial bfun rapist. Unfortunately that information isn't provided so I'm left pondering if I've dressed like I'm asking for it. And it's not like it's just a few. There are like 90 in my area. I think the whole thing is kind of stupid.
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    I don't think soliciting sex from a prostitute gets you on the registry.

    It's mainly meant for rapists, peeping Toms, and child molesters. A lot of stupid crap ends up on it though, like public urination and teen sexting.

    The only sex offender in my neighborhood is a 39 year old woman who looks pretty harmless. I jog by her house sometimes. I don't think I'm in danger of being raped. I guess I'll just run faster if I see her coming.
  3. It's actually pretty useless now. You can get on their for so much bullshit that it doesn't help to identify dangerous predators anymore. Our laws still haven't caught up with technology.
  4. I just checked my neighborhood, and only 1 is within a mile and 5 more are almost 2 miles away. No one is very close to the apartments where I live. The one guy who is closest has an unfortunate "Carpe Diem" tattoo, though. He certainly tried to seize the day with someone.