Should Pitbulls be Banned?

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  1. You don't choose to be eaten by Alligators but Alligators as pets are pretty much against the law as well.

    Bottom line is is any of this fare? no. It's a mad mad world. I just live in it.
  2. Alligators are too small to eat a person, and not extremely aggressive either. It's crocodiles you need to be wary of.
  3. Dogs don't scare me because if one as small as a pitbull or staffie attacked me I would end it's game. I don't think banning a breed of dogs is right, you should ban the usual idiots who own them i.e. chavs/trailer trash.
  4. Pitbulls are small dogs? Are you Andre the Giant?
  5. I would pay good money to see a Pitbull maul armadeadn just watch him beat it off.
  6. I so badly wanted to post a video of the Brasseye interview after that...

    EDIT: O I had to do it..

  7. I wouldn't beat it off. I would grab it's front legs and pull them outwards away from each other, chest collapses, dog dies. Simple.
  8. How would you do that if a staff had your arm? They can lock their jaw and its almost impossible to open it again.

    I demand answers, perhaps even a book from you on how to survive attacks from different breeds of dogs.
  9. I simply wouldn't allow it to bite my arm. I'd kick it square in the nuts before it got close enough. Regardless of whether or not I received injury from the dog, if a dog viciously attacked me I would fuck it up. It wouldn't be doing it again.
  10. If Arma is serious then this thread is pure gold.
  11. I've been doing some research into this "achilies' heel" that I heard dogs have and no-one really knows for sure if it would be fatal to a dog. A lot of people were saying "You wouldn't be able to grab the legs in the first place". I don't think it would be that hard. If the dog is close enough to bite you it's close enough for you to grab it's legs. Even if pulling the legs apart didn't cause the rib cage to crack and collapse it would at the very least break the dog's legs, rendering it helpless. Win.
  12. Sounds like an unstoppable strategy - you should take down the next violent big bastard dog you see.
  13. Oh rest assured. If I'm ever attacked by a vicious dog and im on my back with the dog on top of me, I will simply grab it's legs and end the fight. What would you do? I read some people saying the best thing to do is too lie still and cover your head with your arms and hands, like that's gonna help at all. Remember you're bigger than the dog, I'm sure a fully grown man wouldn't have too much trouble messing a dog up. If you really had to end the fight you could do it.
  14. Make sure you get someone to film it and put it on YouTube so we can all see you rip a dog apart.
  15. I think covering your head area is to stop the dog ripping your throat out. Your strategy of simply snapping a pitbull in half sounds more sensible.
  16. Never heard someone actually saying a bigger dog is weaker then a human:p
  17. I've heard grizzly bears aren't really that strong either and they go down easy if you just kick them in the nuts. I don't see what the big deal is with people running away during bear attacks. You guys are a bunch of wimps. We don't need bans on vicious animals. We just need more manly men like Armadeadn.
  18. Pfft, Grizzlys are a womans bear commander monkey. Kodiaks are the tougher ones, though still not tough enough for the likes of Armadeadn I think.
  19. If I were attacked by a grizzly, I would simply break its legs and then eat it with a spoon.
  20. I wonder what Arma's strategy is for a great white shark. They don't have legs, and I think their sex organs are internal.