silly n00b with emachines celeron from walmart thinks PC gaming sucks

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  1. After a year messing with a Win7 powered Sony Vaio laptop, I'm convinced that my next machine will be a Macbook Pro. Why? Because my PS3 more than satisfies me.

    I won't lie about it... I am a long time Mac user. But I have tried my hand at building a gaming PC. Every time I would plan it out, it would end up running way over $1000. I even bought an HP Pavilion with a AGP port in 2005 once. I had hoped to get into PC gaming in a big way, but I always ended up coming back to the consoles. And after getting fed up with the hassles of Windows, I went back to Mac in 2008 with the purchase of an iMac.

    I still salivated over the PC gaming lineup. Namely Crysis. So last year, I went out and picked up a laptop that could run Crysis. But little did I know that the gaming industry would shift it's development focus over to the consoles. Sure, it's got several games that can't be found on the consoles, but I still prefer the consoles exclusives. Here's a list in JPG format... I won't post the actual picture, because it's huge! But anyway, the console games (namely the PS3 upcoming exclusives) are way better that what I'm seeing on the PC.

    So... when I get my income tax refund this year, I'm getting a Macbook Pro. As for the Sony Vaio? Well, it'll just keep collecting dust, because right now, I've been using my 3 year old iMac exclusively when I'm at home.
  2. That's your problem right there. Laptops suck ass for gaming. The G210 in your Vaio is a terrible card.

    Why didn't you build from scratch? HP makes some of the shittiest computers on the planet. Moreover, AGP was out of date in 2005. It had already been replaced by PCI Express. Congratulations. You bought an overpriced, out of date computer from one of the worst companies.


    An iMac? Seriously? iMacs have all of the disadvantages of a laptop (proprietary non upgradeable hardware) and none of the advantages (portability). They're about the worst thing you can buy.

    The problem isn't that PC Gaming sucks. It's that you're totally ignorant about PC hardware and keep buying crap. It doesn't surprise me that you like macs. Ignorant people with more money than common sense are the primary market for macs.

    Some sites you should take a look at:

    Buy your parts from here:

    Stop being retarded.
  3. I think I like more of the multi-platform than the exclusives. Out of all the exclusives, I would only get:

    Uncharted 3
    Gears of War 3

    Possibly try:

    Twisted Metal

    I'd probably try alot of the multiplatforms:

    Batman (price-based)
    Crysis2 (pc)
    Duke Nukem (pc)
    Tomb Raider (price-based)
    Mortal Kombat (console)
    Marvel vs. Capcom (console)
    Street Fighter vs. Tekken (console)
    Devil May Cry (console)
  4. [​IMG]

    Go ahead. Throw your money away.

    I built this for $900 back in January of 2007
    Core 2 Duo E6600
    2GB DDR2-800
    Intel Bad Axe 2
    640mb 8800 GTS

    I upgraded the ram a few years ago when DDR2 got really cheap, and a few months ago I upgraded the video card. Otherwise, the computer is still going strong after more than four years. I've been playing games on max settings for four years.

    You just don't know what to buy.
  5. The only reason I never got in to PC gaming was because I did not wan't to use a mouse and keyboard to play the games, and the PC type controllers were rubbish to me. Now that I can use a PS3 or Xbox 360 controller it would be exactly like playing a console, but on the PC. This way I can finally try that Crisis out once I have upgraded my PC for PC gaming.

    That and either Final fantasy XIV or Rift.

    By the way, what is the difference between a normal PC and a Mac? I don't really know anything about Macs.
  6. Macs cost three times as much while using identical hardware.
  7. This is just like with gaming, it's not about the system, it's all about the apps. And in OSX everything looks better & runs smoother. For instance, just check out Office 2011.

    But most people get a Mac in order to use iLife.

    And, of course, the new App Store is really cool.

    As for me? I just like it better because uses less resources than Windows, has universal keyboard commands in it's apps, and uninstalling an app is as easy as dragging it's icon from the Applications menu to the Trash can. I even have my Yahoo mail accounts synced with Mac Mail via IMAP... Yahoo's servers thinks I'm on an iPhone!
  8. Macs have far fewer apps, and gaming on a Mac is a joke, unless you run bootcamp and install Windows. They're useless for much of anything beyond basic computing. You're basically paying $2000-3000 for something with the functionality of a netbook or smartphone. It's pathetic. Unless you're an artist or musician, there's no reason to own a Mac.

    Macs can't even run flash videos without choking. No flash videos means no porn.

    No porn. No games. I don't even think you can use bittorrent. What can you do with a Mac that's fun? They're fucking boring. I guess they're just meant to sit there and look pretty. Oh wait, you can download overpriced shitty music from itunes. While I'm watching lesbian porn or playing Crysis, you're listening to Lady Gaga or something equally shitty.

    How do you figure? I never experience any slowdown in Windows 7 on my desktop. Yet I've used Macs that have chugged horribly.

    I played around with my cousin's macbook one weekend and was totally unimpressed. You can't even right click, and having to push down on the touchpad to click is the most annoying shit ever. Also, despite having a Core 2 Duo and 2GB of ram, it was slow and flaky. It actually froze up on me while I was using it. I thought Macs just worked. What gives? Also, it kept asking for a password, which was way more annoying than UAC ever was in Windows. There's no way to maximize windows. The list goes on. Macs suck dick.

    The only thing I can figure is that you never reloaded the OS on your Vaio and that's why you had a bad experience with Windows 7. Maybe it was slow because it was full of crapware.

    Windows 7 mops the floor with OSX. It's fast, compatible, powerful, and easy to use. I can't think of a single issue I've had with it. Every time I've used OSX I've wanted to smash the computer.
  9. Once you use a keyboard and mouse for FPSs, you'll never want to go back to thumbsticks. A mouse gives you precise control even on very high sensitivity settings. You can do an instant 180 degree turn and get a headshot, which is impossible with thumbsticks.

    There's a reason professional FPS players like Fatality never touch a console controller. Console controllers are for little kids and n00bs.

    Crysis is a hardcore FPS that's designed to be played with a mouse. I think you would find it much too hard with a controller. It doesn't baby you like the little kid FPSs on the consoles like Halo and Call of Duty.
  10. Close cmdr; rather they cost 3 times as much and have shitter hardware.
  11. Lol the 360 really have a bad exclusive line-up, even worse then pc.
    Laptops generally suck for gaming, unless you end up having a 5000$ Alienware laptop.
    Ive seen laptops having the six-core i7, SLI GTX460 and raid 0 SSD's, very expensive and very heavy :D

    Windows 7 have never frozen or failed on me, unlike XP which gave me some BSODS/freezes here and there. W7 is really solid and stable, its running very smooth and its really looking nice with Aero.
    The pc lineup doesnt look bad at all, especially seeing that pc gaming is allready dead and burried deep below (since the 80's).


    Get a solid mouse like the G9x or something from Razer (and a G19 or something), you wont want to go back to controllers:p
  12. Sorry. I didn't see your post. I was too busy browsing all of the Mac apps on the new Mac App Store. There's something in the order of a thousand apps loaded and it's less than a month old. And, yeah, Bittorrant runs on it too. Oh... and Steam too.

    Really? I have yet to see a Win7 machine as fast as OSX. Here's a video of the speed that I'm seeing on my 2007 iMac. Remember, OSX is a UNIX variant. Just think of how cool Linux would be if it could run Office, Photoshop, and Steam natively. Well, that's OSX. It's small, pretty, and fast.

    Reload Windows 7, huh? Is that the politically correct way to say "reinstall"? I guess I should reinstall Windows on my Vaio. After all, that is the universal fix for anything with a Windows logo. Too bad Sony didn't include any Windows disks. Apple was kind enough to include DVD copies of all of their software, it's a real crying shame no one else will. Especially since it's a requirement for any Windows fix.

    You know, by the time I get my Viao up to speed (if that's even possible), I'll probably have my Macbook Pro.
  13. Yes, I said reload. That means a format and reinstall of the OS.

    No wonder your Vaio runs like shit. You always reload the OS on PCs bought at retail. Everyone knows that. They come loaded with crapware.

    Why you're trying to play games on a laptop with a low-end GPU though I have no idea. You should have used your money to build a nice desktop.

    Linux sucks ass. I have yet to use a distro that wasn't a flaky mess. Even Android is pretty bad. OSX had that same flakiness when I used it. The Mac I tried actually went into a hard lock on me and had to be restarted.

    Steam on the Mac only had like 30 games last I checked. About 99% of the catalogue on PC hasn't been ported over yet and probably never will be. Enjoy all those fart machine apps from the app store though. Good times.
  14. Yay mac vs PC.

    As someone who regularly works with both, here's my say for what it's worth.

    OSX will feel inefficient and lacking capability to a Win 7 user and Win 7 the same for a OSX user. You can't use OSX like windows, it's all about dragging and dropping and utilizing the keyboard shortcuts. That said, I find OSX more tedious for extended use and prefer Windows 7 for productivity. OSX has some advantages for file browsing, but overall Win 7 is more intuitive and less of a strain IMO.

    Performance I have to give to Win7. Provided you aren't using some OEM crapware loaded version that is. Both will slow down dramatically over time, especially if you install a bunch of shitty programs. Both have automatic maintenance scheduled, but in the case of OSX it doesn't ever show you what it's doing exactly and attempts to do it all in the background. In this way, when a PC slows down you can see why and manually attempt to fix it. With OSX, there are a few tools, but most of the time a reformat is the only real option (YES, you need to reformat Macs! Shock horror!).

    I don't find either has the advantage on resource usage, both show situations where they are quite efficient and other situations where they happily bloat out.

    Mac loses points if you have an SSD as OSX still doesn't support TRIM last I heard (correct me if this has changed please). This means your SSD will get slower over time and reformatting will not fix this.

    Macs take the quality award away, but you do have an option to match the quality (or exceed it) with a PC, just most people don't. Apple being who they are don't give you the choice, you pay for what they see as the right quality standard for everyone. Of course this varies product to product. Some of their products are of fairly poor quality, like the original mighty mouse, which we have several of and the scrolls all clog up and either only work in one direction/axis or not at all.

    PC's win on capability. The sheer amount of programs and hardware easily out-shadow what Apple have to offer. When new software features come out that utilise the latest hardware, PC is way ahead. Take TRIM support for SSD's, GPU acceleration for Photoshop or web based content as recent examples. Of course the flip side of using pioneering technology is the potential reliability/compatibility problems. At least you get the choice with PC, you don't have to buy into early technology unless you want to.

    Overall I find that modern Windows tells the user what is going on, whereas OSX tries to hide it from the user to make things appear much simpler than they are. When problems occur on OSX, the user is often none the wiser. When they realise their Mac is slow after a year or so, they usually decide that buying a new, faster, more feature filled Mac is the only solution.
  15. Eff you spinning beachball of doom! What did I ever do to deserve you? I literally have no idea.
  16. Yeah, this is so much better...
  17. Well at least it gives you an error code you can look up. You can google it and go, "Oh right, that means this is wrong or how to fix it"

    Whereas with your beachball, it's "What happened? Something's broken, I know it. But what? Guess I'll have to take it in to the Apple Geniuses"
  19. What the...?
  20. And when I follow that advice, this is what I get.

    Major improvement.