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Discussion in 'Pipeline' started by Ichiban, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Thought I'd share the stats for the site.

    In January we had 276 unique visitors to the forum. There were 43'303 pages viewed in a total of 93'810 hits. Bandwidth last month was 1.16GB (dunno how) but well under the allowance I set aside.

    In the last 2 days of February, we have had 106 unique visitors, 4460 page views and 11'606 hits. Total bandwidth for yesterday and today is 119MB.
  2. Considering we've only been up and running for a little over a week and we aren't even on Google yet, those are some damn fine numbers.

    Will we have enough bandwidth to handle all of the traffic?
  3. Expect to get more GB a month, am having 5/6GB mostly a month, if its not that busy.
    Still not much but still, just for a forum and a website. Wonder where thats coming from :p

    Btw, how many you have allowed for this place?
  4. I think it's quite good. I'm wondering when Google is going to get this place listed properly though; I guess I need to get some more SOE work done to the forum so we get picked up some more.
  5. SOE?

    Indeed, the stop gap forum got Google bots quite fast, I am hoping they come soon.
  6. SEO that should say; Search Engine Optimisation.
  7. It gave problems on my clans forum for some reason, and we ended up on google anyway...
  8. The site has been crawled for sure. Searching PVCF brings this place up fifth or something. We really need to be up top though...I might start testing what kind of results I get if I search for threads..
  9. I just typed PVCF and pcvsconsoles, but nothing came up. Hmm, we need to propel ourselves further up the lists.

    135 pages are indexed.
  11. I'm visiting a friend this weekend. She use to get paid to get websites ranked higher in search engines. I'll ask her for some tips.
  12. Searching PCVF3 brings this place up in top spot, counts fro something I guess.

    Got any new browser/bandwidth stats ichi? Those were a good read.
  13. She'll tell you to post links of my topics on social news sites and other forums. The ones with bold predictions are the best. Use catchy headlines like Android is only for rollerblading hackers.

    The Steve's Topics
  14. PVCF0 (JUL/2000 - Today)
    2,227 topics
    55,532 posts
    11,923 members

    PVCF1 (FEB/2002 - JAN/2011)
    25,911 topics
    526,796 posts
    16,559 members

    PVCF2 (DEC/2010 - JAN/2011)
    60+ topics?
    1200+ posts?
    40+ members?

    PVCF3 (JAN/2011 - Today)
    227 topics
    4,762 posts
    42 members

    12K members for PVCF0? Odd. I wonder if that's due to the mass redirection. Once upon a time, somebody hacked a bunch of forums and redirected traffic to PVCF0.
  15. Now do you see? You should be more optimistic about the site you've created, don't become another Steve by losing interest... at least not for a while anyway.
  16. @Chairmansteve

    Things seem to be running at about the same pace here as they were on the old site in terms of posting. Most of the regulars made the transition. It would be nice to get some new members, but I don't think that will happen until we have a main page.
  17. Agreed. We definitely need some new members to spices things up a bit and get more console and PC games discussions going.
  18. How do they track it? If someone enters the forum accidentally, are they considered a member? makes me wonder about the scheiße squad..
  19. Wouldnt that be a hit/page view?
  20. It depends as it was setup through delphiforums which is a hoster of many forums. You have a main account so when you visit a forum hosted on delphiforums, you can just post without creating a separate account for each forum.