Sleeping Dogs

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  1. I was playing this game for quite a few hours last night. It was essentially a True Crime game.. if you aren't familiar with that title, think Shenmue/GTA.

    For those that don't know the history of this game, it was basically the third installment for True Crime. The dev team came up with a concept and Activision liked it but wanted to take it to a totally different direction than the devs intended. Activision wanted more of a fantastic, outlandish idea to it. So they dropped the project like the scumbags they are and the devs took their idea to Square Enix and here we are today.

    This game has a huge Hong Kong triad movie plot to it. It's basically your triads vs. cops theme with the main character, Wei Shen, being deep undercover. The game is primarily in English but the characters speak alot in mixed cantonese and english. The background characters all speak in cantonese. It gives the game a really big atmospheric boost since the whole setting is in Hong Kong. There's a bit of cantopop and canto-rap for game music. There's alot of use of pok guy which cracks me up. They even used it in an early live action trailer.

    I'm playing the PC version and the devs handled this game very similar to Skyrim. There was a high res texture pack dlc (free) on launch day so the PC visuals got quite a big boost. I'm playing it perfectly on my radeon 7770 at 1920x1080 with high details. It's gets choppy on extreme details. I'd suggest a x360 controller with this game due to the driving sequences. There's some car chases that get clunky on keyboard.

    The hand to hand combat is said to be right in Batman Arkham Asylum/City range. Very fluid. And you can use the environment to smack up your enemies. I didn't get a gun yet, so I can't speak for the shooting action.

    The voiceovers are done really well too. Emma Stone, James Hong, Edison Chen, etc did voice acting for the game.

    The game has quite a gritty feel to it. There's quite a decent amount of character progression too. You get to skill up combat skills etc. If you get bored, you can always do random mini-games and gamble if you want.

    I give this game 5 honey garlic chickens up.
  2. I may have to give this a go at some point. I would assume that since your 7770 is having no issues running it I shouldn't have any trouble on my GTX 460, as those two cards are about on par in terms of performance.
  3. I was originally going to pirate the shit out of this game but then I noticed that odd british site, greenmangaming, had it for $45 and then they're throwing around 20% off coupons like mardi gras beads.

    This coupon code worked fine PCGMR-GREEN-SUMMR which brought it down to $36.

    Right when I finished the transaction, they gave me the steam activation code and I was done.
  4. Just saw this advertised on Spike TV. I thought it was GTA Hong Kong.
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    Well it was originally True Crime 3 so that's not surprising. They probably changed the name because True Crime was just another shitty GTA wannabe. It was ok-ish I guess but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I can't be bothered with bad GTA clones, I'm just waiting for GTAV.
  6. I'm opposite of you. I never had interest in GTA series after I tried them. Played the original True Crime and thought it was OK, but was an extremely mediocre game. Felt way too American considering it was based off of the Asian communities in Los Angeles. Hell, Snoop Dogg was even in that damn game.

    Sleeping Dogs changed all of that and took it into one of my favorite genres. HK Triads. The devs even put one of their writers into the triads for a day after the HK police OK'd it. Ridiculous.

    The only reason this game was compared to GTA was because of the open city aspect. Otherwise, it's not really similar. It actually has a combat system.

    They don't own the rights to True Crime. That's Activision's property. So when they took the game to Square Enix, they had to change the name.
  7. I've been a huge fan of GTA ever since I bought original in 1997. I've owned them all apart from the second London expansion, GTA2, and Vice City Stories. The game I'm looking forward to the most right now is GTAV hands down everything else takes a back seat.
  8. I seem to recall playing True Crime: Streets of LA on the Gamecube for a bit. Agree on it being very average for the era + strangely generic in terms of atmosphere.
  9. This may explain how it came out so well for PC. With a simultaneous launch, no less. Also..

    There's a demo out.. been a while since I've seen a demo for a high profile game like this.
  10. I just beat the game... clocked about 35hrs. I did almost every single sidequest in the game. The whole buildup to the end of the game is freaking awesome. This is GOTY 2012 for me.
  11. Would you say it's as good or better than Ghostbusters: The video game?
  12. I wish it wasn't $50. Now to wait for the next steam sale... :'(
  13. I've never played Ghostbusters so I can't comment. 8(

    @fusion, Greenmangaming is the new hot spot now.. well at least for the last month of so. They've been going crazy with constant 20-25% coupon codes. I got this one for $36.
  14. Hmm, they have a code for 25% off on their front page valid for 2 more hours but no matter how I enter it I get the message that the code is invalid. I tried with caps and without, and with and without dashes. Also there is what looks like a 0 but I tried O just in case and still no luck ???

    EDIT: Ok I got it, it was exactly as shown but I sware I tried that 5 times already. Then there was this big countdown on my purchase and I had to race to activate my account via email, put in my details, then realised I had to use the same email as my paypal uses, so changed it in settings but then had to activate again. With 30 seconds to go I was waiting for paypal to load slowly wondering if it would time out my purchase in the background and still charge me. Luckily that was not the case. Well, $37 and an exhilarating purchase, I hope Sleeping Dogs is half this good ;P
  15. man your story was full of adrenaline. i can tell you the sequences leading up to the end of the game is just as exciting as your sleeping dogs purchase.

    i'm not sure how gmg is making money like this. i also pre ordered borderlands 2 from them and a ton of people pre ordered guild wars 2 from them as well. so far, they seem like a good guy company.

    also, a big word of advice. With the Steam version of the game, you get the triad enforcer bonus stuff which is super helpful, specifically, the car. It has a super melee weapon in the trunk which will really help you out since you don't really have much of a melee arsenal early in the game until later.
  16. Itching to give it a go tonight. I don't have a 360 controller atm though.. I still have a 360 but I use the media remote all the time since I haven't gamed on it for months. Hopefully I can get by ok without one for now and I'll look into getting my wired controller back.
  17. You'll be ok. I just switched over to my x360 gamepad cuz it felt clumsy. For the majority of the game, I use the gamepad.. driving, melee, free running, etc. But when it gets to the shootouts, I switch to keyboard and mouse. Luckily, the game converts the controls on the fly perfectly. Even the osd switches on the fly for you too.

    It's been so long since I've gamed on a console that my thumbstick aiming sucks donkey balls.
  18. Haha same here, I couldn't finish uncharted 3 for that reason, but the aiming in that game was made stupid hard for some reason anyway. It was just a challenge for regular console guys, but for me I don't game on consoles at all for 6month+ periods so it takes a while to get those skills up to a decent level. I'm actually pretty good at keyboard digital tap driving since most of my race game experience from my younger years was on PSX with the original d-pad only controller or on PC with keyboard. I can manage GTAIV on keyboard and the driving physics in that game are pretty crazy.
  19. Sucking donkey balls is actually a pretty decent level when it comes to thumbstick aiming. It's better than sucking donkey dick but not as good as an old fashion I fucking suck.
  20. I played through the first part of this last night, so far I'm really impressed. That is, until I got up to the driving. The voice acting and dialogue scene animation is mostly top notch stuff, I'm very impressed. The melee combat is outstanding too, especially compared to GTA IV which was single leveled, heavily automated and non responsive. The feel of the city in the market at least is amazing, way above GTA IV and much more like Heavy Rain or Uncharted 3 type stuff. All the misc characters actually seem like they are a unique person, something which GTA IV came a long way with over last gen, but this is another level. This first part of the game feels a lot more inclosed than GTA, mainly because of the closer default camera position but also because of the environment. Because of this it feels a little less open world, but after the intro you get into the real open world, which is pretty comparable, but still has a slightly different feel. Unfortunately as I said the driving physics kind of suck, I would have to say they are worse than last gen GTA which I didn't mind back then, but have been spoiled (and frustrated) by GTA IV since. Driving seems more like NFS3 or something... honestly, it's that dated. Luckily the characters, combat mechanics, story and setting are looking great so far.

    Graphics are pretty impressive most of the time. The city really has a lively and distinctive feel to it. I'm using the high res texture pack and was able to run the game fine with everything on the extreme setting, including SSAA with only a minor stutter here and there, but once in the open world things got a little worse, so I'll probably have to dial back something. My CPU is usually the weak point being a Core 2 Quad at stock 2.8GHz with 4GB DDR2, my new 7950 at 1100/5800 churns through the game fine even with SSAA applied, but scenes with more going on seem to be limited by my CPU which isn't surprising. Anyway performance is impressive given how out of balance my system is.