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  1. I'd so get that!

    Now if only it was for steam.....
  2. Enhanced directors cut and DRM FREE. You can also download as many times as you want. Hard to go wrong with that.
  3. The 3DS has some cheap deals at the moment; Grainger Games are doing it for £149.99 and some GAME and Gamestation stores are matching it. Alternatively, Amazon are selling them for £164.99.
  5. Free DVD ripper and HD converter.
  6. NewEgg has this Kingston 96Gb SSD for $99 after rebate. Amazon has it for $6 more. Performance seems average for a SSD.
  7. Being an Australian will give you $26 in store credit when you buy the Witcher 2. EU can get $16 in credit. I have to admit I'm pretty impressed with

  8. Play Call of Duty Black-Ops for free this weekend on Steam. Starts now!
  9. It looked like crap, but since it's free I'll probably give it a go.
  10. Office Depot Stores have a great deal on a Lenovo IdeaPad z560 laptop. Price is $270 + free shipping after a $180 mail-in rebate (rebate should print out during checkout).

    Intel Core i3-380M 2.53GHz CPU
    4GB DDR3
    320GB HDD
    15.6" LED LCD (1366x768) w/ Webcam
    WiFi N
    Intel HD Graphics
    HDMI + eSATA
    6-cell Battery
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
  11. That's cheap enough that I might be able to convince some of my family members to finally replace their old Pentium 4 shitboxes with something modern.
  12. Yep. Good deal on a good laptop. Too bad I don't know anyone that needs a laptop right now.
  13. It doesn't say anything about the rebate on the office depot website.
  14. Damn. It was a price mistake. The rebate prints up on the back of the recipe from the store but the price went up $100 so it doesn't matter.
  15. It still shows $450 for me. I just didn't see anything about the rebate. I know a lot of people who need new laptops. They just aren't going to budge unless the price is something amazing.
  16. Okay. The price is right but they pulled the rebate. You can check slick deals. At least one person said the store honored the advertised price. Here is the original add that was pulled. You might be able to get someone to honor it.
  17. That link is dead.
  18. How bout this?

    Never mind it's the same but works for me.

  19. Seems like it was either fake or a mistake on the website. I knew that was too good to be true.

    So that mobo is $64.99 and has a $30 mail in rebate which brings it down to $34.99 after rebate. The only reason why I'm posting this is because it's a microatx mobo.. with sli? wtf