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Discussion in 'Technology' started by supersonic, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. I thought Deus Ex required Steam?
  2. Here are Amazon's Deal of the Week for next week, featuring a different EA title from the "Best Sellers of 2011" list each day:

    1/15 – Alice Madness Returns []: $7.49 - $2.49 with $5 Holiday Promo Code
    1/16 – Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition + Dragon Age 2 Bundle []: $11.99 - $6.99 with $5 Holiday Promo Code
    1/17 – Medal of Honor [] - $6.99 - $1.99 with $5 holiday promo code
    1/18 – Battlefield Bad Company 2 [] - $6.99 - $1.99 with $5 holiday promo code
    1/19 – Dead Space 2 [] - $6.99 - $1.99 with $5 holiday promo code
    1/20 – Bulletstorm [] - $6.99 - $1.99 with $5 holiday promo code
    1/21 – Crysis 2 [] - $9.99 - $4.99 with $5 holiday promo code

    None activate on Steam.
  3. damn I so woulda gotten like every one of those if they just activated on steam lol
  4. ME3 any version (advertised as PC only but I tried it as X360 and it works... not sure about the special edition) for $12 off at newegg with coupon code EMCYTZT1174 valid today and tomorrow only!
  5. Thanks. Ordered it.
  6. Hmm, any idea when this expires????????!!!
  7. Greenman says,

    It's digital sooo :eek:
  8. Hmm, I assume that they have a limited amount of steam activation keys? I better grab this before I regret it.
  9. I did. I really wanted this game. I figured it must be as good as Heavy Rain.
  10. I just got it. The registration made me mad cuz I couldn't figure out why the hell it kept erroring out on me. Turns out the DOB was in dd/mm/yyyy format and I kept overlooking that.
  11. Umm so, when you got your order confirmation email, did it send you your activation key? Mine says

    Activation keys:

    Yep.. just blank.
  12. Oh yeah it was a huge pain in the ass. I almost gave up. It wouldn't take my paypal account because there was a problem with my email address and it wanted me to verify my credit card or some such weirdness.
  13. Yup mine was blank. Log into the site to get it. Under your log in name drop down to keys.

    Pain in the arse I tell ya.
  14. That was actually the first thing I checked before I even checked back on my order confirmation email

    Guess I'll have to throw them an email.
  15. Give it some time. I had my email ready too but it popped up an hour or so later.
  16. Bah, those brits are quite slow aren't they.
  17. They finally got me my activation code at 10:30am this morning. Punks.
  18. Fallout 1 is free on for the next 48 hours. Remember Activision won't even be able to sell it at all after next year :x
  19. Both Steam and Amazon have Dead Island download for $12.