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  1. Shadow of Mordor GOY for PC on sale for $12.50. Great deal considering it's not a Steam game.
  2. Black Corsair Carbide Air 540 $89.99 after promo code and MIR

    $350 for a $600 monitor.

    I bought this 144 Hz Dell monitor to use in competitive multiplayer games. It has Gsync, which is quite nice. I haven't figured out exactly how I'm going to configure my home theater to make this more practical given my PC is part of my home theater setup. I was going to get some sort of stand with wheels to just wheel it out in front of my TV when I want to play PvP, but these cords are quite short. I may just have to replace some of the cables and get an extension for the power cord. I also ordered a Corsair Strafe keyboard and a huge mouse pad. I like playing my graphically oriented games in high resolution and HDR on my OLED, but I'm getting beat by people I know I'm better than just because they have such a huge advantage with latency and refresh rate. I was playing at 28 ms/ 60 fps versus opponents with 1 to 2 ms and 144 to 200 Hz. I should have both high res/ HDR gaming and competitive stuff covered pretty well now.
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    That monitor should be really similar to the original Asus ROG Swift. It's TN, but from what I've read/heard, the color is a bit better than the average TN. Between the high refresh rate and low response time it should be good for competitive gaming. The consensus on the gen 1 Swift was that it was a great competitive gaming monitor that unfortunately had some quality control issues. Although I think the Dell version is supposed to be fine from a QC standpoint.
  5. I've been tempted by this $299 32" VA panel. The specs are basically what I have now but it also has 144Hz and Freesync.
    • Resolution: 2560x1440 (QHD)
    • Refresh Rate: 144Hz
    • Response Time: 5ms GTG
    • Viewing Angles: 178° H / 178° V
    • Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
    • Panel Type: VA
    • Radeon Freesync
    • Tilt, Height, Swivel & Pivot adjustment
    • Ports
      • 2x HDMI
      • 1x DisplayPort 1.2

    I also got one of those $200 PS4 Spiderman editions. I mostly got it so my son can play Fortnite but I might get Red Dead Redemption II for myself.
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    Yeah when I upgrade to adaptive sync and high refresh rate I would want something with the size and resolution that I have now.

    1440p at 32 inches is absolutely perfect. If the BenQ BL3200PT had gsync and 144hz, it would be the perfect monitor.
  7. There are some really good PS4 games on sale for $9.99 each, including Horizon: Zero Dawn with the DLC included. The DLC looks even more impressive technically than than base game.
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    EDIT: This deal sold out pretty quickly, which isn't terribly surprising.

    This deal for the Ryzen 7 2700x is nuts. $160 for what has been one of the best CPUs on the market with Outer Worlds or Borderlands 3 thrown in. It isn't as fast as the new line, the 3000 series, but that would be way more of an investment than interests me.

    I probably won't see a very noticeable performance increase, but this was too crazy of a deal not to upgrade. The 2700x is superior to my 1800x in just about every metric, and it's compatible with my current CPU cooler and motherboard. I think I just need to swap the chips.

    I was already planning to buy Outer Worlds. 3 months of Game Pass is also included.

    I've upgraded from 1800x and GTX 1080 to a 2700x and RTX 2080S and got 2 new games (Modern Warfare and Outer Worlds) for about $850 total.

  9. I went from a 1600 to a 2600X. It's a small upgrade but it's also a small investment when you get them on sale. I've been tempted by the 3600 but the 4000s are supposed to come out early 2020. Maybe by then I can get a 3600 for $140. Your move to the 2700x will probably solve any memory speed problem you may have had. I was finally able to get my memory up from 2933 to 3200.
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    I overpaid for Ryzen approved RAM to make sure it actually worked with my motherboard, but I wouldn't be upset if I was able to up the speed a bit further. That's an extra little boost I wasn't anticipating but would definitely appreciate.

    I did the last rebuild when RAM prices were out of control. I paid twice what the G.Skill Flare X RAM costs now.

    It's 3200MHz RAM; I'll have to check and see what I'm getting currently when I got home. I was just grateful at the time that it actually worked at all. It was a major issue in the early days of first generation Ryzen.
  11. The XMP profile doesn't seem to work very well now. It limited my 2700x to 3.20 GHz. I manually set it to 3.80 GHz and 3200 MHz RAM and got the best score I'd ever had on Cinebench first try. Can I trust the auto setting for the voltage in the BIOS? That's what I have it on currently, and it hasn't crashed or shown any problems after several hours of playing A Plague Tale: Innocence on Ultra settings. I had my 1800x just use the XMP 2 profile didn't have to mess with anything else.
  12. XMP is only for the memory. XFR is for the CPU. If XFR has you stuck at 3.2 you're not boosting at all. Are you still on the X370 or B350 motherboard? XFR behaves differently on different Mobo. Do you have the latest bios? Also check Windows power settings. I believe they added a Ryzen setting but if not change it to performance.
  13. I have the latest update for the BIOS. I am using the same X370 board and CPU cooler that I used with my 1800x. It was a pretty easy swap.
  14. Amazon/Walmart have the 2700X for $150 and the 2600X for $120. Pretty killer deals for a budget build.
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  17. Bioshock 1, 2, and Infinite are available in the Bioshock Collection for free on the Epic Games Store right now.
  18. Thanks. I never played the expansions for Infinite. Heard mixed things about them. They're free with this bundle.
  19. Thanks. The expansions gave me a reason to get it. I'm not going to play it, but I got it.