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  1. You chopstick using noob... Google Play Music is $1 for 3 months today, for new subscribers, which I'm not because I paid $5 per month on Sunday.
  2. @khaid

    Did you get the separate YouTube Red Music app? Better than Play Music, imo. Recertified +slick.
  3. I actually didn't even know about it. I downloaded it to see if I'll use it.
  4. And now it's totally free for two months for new subscribers.
  5. should I take the blame for that one too
  6. Rainbow Six Siege is free to play on Steam and Uplay this weekend.

    DOOM also has an open beta on Steam.
  7. Thanks, grabbed it. Epic games sometimes has good free stuff, but often it's just random indie games I will never play. I always forget to check what they have this week.
  8. This is a game I always want until I read the reviews about how grindy it is. I might play it just to see how it starts out.
  9. Elite Dangerous can be grindy but it depends on what your doing. Want to jump in to dogfights and blow stuff up? That’s not too grindy. Want to map a path to the center of the universe? That’s a grind.

    I played solo on ps4.

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    The 55" Vizio OLED is on sale again for just $899. You need to log in for that price to appear or it will still be listed at $1299. Yes, it's a Vizio, so there are more quality control concerns compared to LG. But it has the same panel from LG just like other brands, and it's still a steal to get an OLED in this price range. I decided to buy one. I can move my old 2016 LG B6 upstairs next to my PC if I want to try a game on a larger screen or watch movies upstairs.

    I wouldn't anticipate this deal staying for long. I missed the deal last time, and I think the deal was gone the same day. I had the damn thing in my shopping cart last time, but when I tried to move to the checkout, it had gone back up to $1300.
  11. I'd love to justify getting an OLED but I can't. LED TV's have become good enough and I have too many as it is.
  12. I've actually never owned a single LCD or LED television, just some monitors for various purposes. With TVs, I went from CRT to plasma then waited it out until OLED. Blacks should not be light grey. I'm sure LEDs are catching up, but I've had nothing but plasmas and OLEDs for quite some time and have some clear preferences for movies and games.
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    I wish I had a reason to upgrade my living room TV to an OLED. I'm still on a 52" LG Super IPS TV from 2008.

    My son likes to smack the TV while watching his shows. He throws things at it too sometimes. Older TVs were a lot sturdier so it hasn't taken any damage. I think on one of these newer super thin TVs that would probably be enough to break it. Paw Patrol and Thomas & Friends are serious business.

    So maybe I wait until he's a little older before upgrading.
  14. i know exactly what you mean. regular panels now are fine but oled panels are frightening

    when i got my lg c9 oled, i was terrified on how to take it out of the box. it's so god damn thin yet it still has weight to it.

    I missed a couple of these already. I didn't realize it was one game per day until it was too late.
    • Cities: Skylines – December 17th
    • Oddworld: New n Tasty – December 18th
    • The Long Dark – December 19th
    • Defense Grid 1 – December 20th
    • Alien: Isolation – December 21st
    • Metro 2033 (Original or Redux version) – December 22nd
    • Tropico 5 – December 23rd
    • Inside – December 24th
    • Darkest Dungeon – December 25th
    • My Time in Portia – December 26th
    • Night in the Woods – December 27th
    • Stranded Deep – December 28th
    • Solitairica – December 29th
    • Torchlight II – December 30th
    • Jurassic World Evolution – December 31st
  16. The gaming features sound promising but with no confirmation of an expansion port for a deep fryer I haven't been persuaded just yet.
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