Smithsonian: The Art of Video Games exhibition 2012

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by alterego, May 6, 2011.

  1. I thought this was interesting: there will be an exhibition on video games in the Smithsonian American Art Museum next year that runs for about 6 months. The voting on the games to be included has been finalized and here's the link to the PDF that lists them all. It basically runs from the VCS era up to the current generation of consoles. The weird thing is that it seems to ignore arcade based video games...

    I think it's a positive step that a large, mainstream museum is providing a critical look at gaming as an artistic medium.
  2. Very interesting. The only game on there I never heard of was Attack of the Mutant Camels but I've never played on a Commodore. Good to see Spy vs Spy getting some recognition.
  3. The selections were pretty solid for the most part. The only two additions I would like would be Resident Evil for Playstation, and Soul Calibur for Dreamcast.
  4. My memory of that game is rather hazy, but it definitely had a Star Wars influence. The mutant camels were suspiciously similar to the Imperial Walkers in Empire Strikes Back.
  5. Pretty solid choices all around. It's nice to finally see video games being taken seriously as a medium.
  6. Ah yes. Thats exactly what it looks like minus the blinking red square.
  7. Frankly I'm shocked that Grandia got any recognition lol love it :D Personally I'd like to have seen Shadow Hearts (if all they showed was the intro I'd been STOKED) or maybe Parasite Eve and I'd love to have seen Medal of Honor. The first game was SPECTACULAR... and in that case so was Halo 1 from an AI standpoint.

    I can't believe Deus Ex beat out games like System Shock and Half Life (though HL2 made it)... or even Postal lol or Soldier of Fortune (first game to really utilize head shots and mutilation). I can't BELIEVE Einhander and MGS2 made it in too!!WTF??

    DOA (1 or 2)?? GTA? ... well might've been a little TOO controversial for Washington DC though... lol In that case I'da went for Virtua Fighter (or MvC2) over Soul Caliber... fighting games don't need ANY breast physics to be good ^_^.... besides Kilik is a beetch... SC is MUCH prettier though...

    No sports or racing games.... meh they don't matter anyway... a racing game (even if it had to be a Grand Turissmo) woulda' been nice... unless I missed that. I'd prefer an old school F1 Racing or even Pole Position or Mar... Crash Bandicoot All-stars lol (gotta mix it up a little)!!

    I guess Mario Party deserves it's due... You Don't Know Jack would been PERFECT. They got 6 months they should mix it up a bit. I assume I missed a 2D Fighter in there such as SF2....