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  1. Don't think we ever had a thread on this in the old PVC.

    What are your thoughts on smoking, and do you smoke? Also, if you do, do you smoke cigarettes or rollys?
  2. I personally don't smoke. I've seen it cause too many problems for friends and family members, especially my grandfather who died when I was young due to lung cancer from his excessive smoking.
  3. Smoking sux and is pretty much banned in every public place now so whats the point.
  4. Smoking does indeed suck..... and blow......

  5. You can just take a trip out side a public place and have a quick fag, not hard. Unless it is raining.
  6. Am not smoking, never done never will;)
  7. It smells nasty, and leads to lung cancer, heart disease, strokes, and peripheral vascular disease (which in turn leads to amputations). No thanks.
  8. I am starting to think me and Monsly are the only ones who smoke here, unless he had quit. I only ever started it because of bad stress due to going through the spiral of shit life, and now it is a habit.

    I used to smoke B&H Silver fags, but I now learnt to roll rollys and smoke that as it is pure tobacco and healthier than all the chemicals they put in normal fags.
  9. There's medication for anxiety if that's what you need. Please stop smoking. You're looking at some very nasty health problems down the line.
  10. The medication never worked for me. I don't really smoke as much as some of my mates do to be honest. An addiction is an addiction after all. I don't drink that often or do drugs, so at least I am not on max destroy mode.
  11. Which medication? There are a lot of options for anxiety. You probably need to be on a longer acting benzo like Ativan or Librium if you have severe anxiety. Sometimes there's a mixed picture of anxiety and depression and an SSRI or SNRI may also help.

    The cigarettes make you feel better because nicotine is an anxiolytic.
  12. I cannot remember what it was, but my Doctor prescribed it 2 years back. I sorted myself out after it really did help much, and now smoking is just a habit addiction.

    See I'm rolling one up now.
  13. He was probably a GP who gave you Xanax/Alprazolam, which is shit. It's addictive, and doesn't even work that well because it's too short acting.
  14. I was around my best mates house yesterday helping him(Once again) changing his front room and dining room around and I pinched a few fags off him, but they made me feel sick. That goes to show how much cleaner rolling your own is compared to the chemicals in pre-rolled fags are.
  15. Even if you could cut down on the toxins you're inhaling, nicotine is still vasoconstrictive, and continued use will lead to cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and peripheral vascular disease.
  16. Everyone probably tries smoking as a teenager. But if you continue the rest of your life, you should get a darwin award instead of medical treatment.

    The occasional blunt is better for you than choking on a fag.
  17. At university I used to smoke A LOT of weed. It got to the point that I'd actually roll a spliff last thing at night so I didn't have to roll one when I got out of bed...yes, I had one BEFORE breakfast. I sharp got out of it though when I smoked something that made me trip balls; supposedly it had been laced in something else and that was enough to put me off my hardcore spliffs. I occasionally have a toot if a friend is smoking one but certainly don't do it regularly and I wouldn't consider buying it makes me so lazy.
  18. Was it Purple Haze what made you trip? I heard it was some mean shit. not like I smoke weed, though. I tried it and I did not like it.
  19. No, the guy I bought my dope from sold only Jack Herrer - it's meant to be quite a mild buzz but it could be pretty mean sometimes. Anyway, the grass I bought this one time had an even weirder smell and taste and it blew my head off; I hallucinated that there were people in my house trying to murder me with a knife and I ran into the road in my underpants. That was the end of my smoking days....
  20. I know someone that put a TV through because he thought Max Headroom was coming out to get him...