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  1. I thought this was awesome. He really made it function seamlessly.

  2. Neat. Now watch him get a cease & desist letter from Nintendo.
  3. I want one!
  4. I'll take my modded xbox, do more for probably a tenth of the price. ofc the controls are not quite as seemless.
  5. There's nothing retro cool about an xbox though. You could probably even fit a fully fledged modern PC inside an Xbox case pretty damn easily to boot.
  6. SNES PC

    Badass. I would buy one for $35.
  7. It he had used an Atom instead of an i3, he probably could have gotten it down to a really cheap price. An i3 is massive overkill for SNES emulation.
  8. He probably needed the HD3000 (or 2000) over the gma950 or whater igpu the atom would have... pllus it may not have had an hdmi port. He coulda' done it with a brazos though and for half the cost.
  9. Brazos would've been my choice for sure.
  10. I love the GUI and the way it starts up. Just a shame he used the ugly NA SNES over the PAL/JPN version.

    This man deserves a lot of credit for his work here.
  11. Well he is American, so that would be his childhood image of a SNES. Probably gave him more room to work with as well, the PAL SNES is smaller, if I recall.

    Got me hankering for some classics, just installed snesoid on my phone, was looking for a PSX emu but nothing seems to work properly.
  12. I found the controls pretty horrid on Android emulators simply because you end up obscuring the screen with your thumbs.

    Also he said that Super Metroid was a memory from his childhood, unless he classes 18 as part of his childhood no way he was playing this as a kid, he looks about 40.
  13. I've been playing FFVI in portrait, screen is smaller but there's no screen blocking. I could pair up a PS3 controller but that just buggers up any portability aspect, plus if I'm at home, which is where my PS3 controllers are, I can play on the TV.
  14. Final Fantasy VI on your phone. <3
  15. I must be the only person in the world who isn't a big fan of FFVI. Its OK but nothing special, for me there are too many characters, most of whom are completely worthless with nothing but a couple of pointless abilities.

    I would rather play FFIV everyday of the week.
  16. I've already completed IV on my DS and I haven't completed VI before so it seemed a reasonable choice.

    To be perfectly honest, I probably won't play it that much, I'm only playing for the music.

    This is why they need to bring back the overworld, epic moosik.
  17. FFIV on the DS was one of the hardest games I have played in the last 10 years. Love the Black Mages version of the FFVI battle music I have to be honest.

    Surely its time FFV got a DS announcement, I know it isn't very good/popular but its been a while since IV which got a lot of attention with the after-years on Wii, DS remake and complete collection/remake on the PSP.
  18. I really need to play the SNES FF's and Chrono Trigger. It's really a shame but I can just never get into them for some reason. Even the remakes with fmvs. Some day I will though... considering I doubt I'll have internet in March probly that would be a good time for it.
  19. What are you on about; FFV is a great Final Fantasy. Most people have not played it. It's just underrated but it is a quality game.

    On the side of a V DS version, Square-Enix said that V and VI is not possible on a DS system but a year or so ago they did say they would be looking at the 3DS to see if V and VI could be remade for it. It will happen after how popular III and IV were on the DS years ago.
  20. How are they not possible on the DS? Sounds like lazy, half arsed excuses to me.