Snowmageddon part 2

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by monsly, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. The UK is once again frozen in terror as 3 inch snowdrifts cause havoc. How's it for other UK PVCers?

    I've had a great morning. Car couldn't get out of the road due to the hill we live on so left it parked up. Buses weren't running as they were busy sliding sideways. I walked a mile to school as it's meant to be open, only for them to shut it. Joy. Mile walk back home in the cold. But a bacon sandwich and some EDF should cheer me. Once my face has thawed.
  2. Not too bad here yet but we have been told it WILL get worse by all the news channels. Schools currently open but been told to expect a text to go and pick little Grim up sooner rather than later. Mrs Grim is going to pop to Tesco to try to get milk as she expects it will be chaos as people stock up on essentials. Little Grim was loving it to be fair, running around the playground with her friends and if she goes home she is only going to end up in the garden making snowmen anyways.

    The only disruption to work so far is that the DX (Document Exchange (a cheaper way of posting things between solicitors, barristers, banks etc)) have said that because they expect Gatwick to be snowed under they are collecting ours at 12 rather than 5.

    As the snow hasn't really got going here yet I expect a lot of people will be in but will expect to leave early when it really kicks in. It was pretty horrible walking in it this morning as the wind was blowing it right into my face, couldn't see a thing with my eyes closed most of the way. Did see one car lock its wheels up on the way in, some people just do not know how to drive.

    They say London is likely due more on Sunday too to add to the 10cm we are due today.
  3. The roads here in Oxford are snow free but the roads on the way home to Swindon will be quite bad by now. I'm going home at 12 before the snow traps me in Oxford.
  4. We had about an inch or so fall overnight. Busy roads are fairly clear but those double decker gold buses are deadly looking.
  5. Little Grim left school at 1:30 and rumour is we are closing the office at 2:30 as we have a lot of people who live out in the sticks.
  6. Looks like that folding snow shovel might come in useful, should I decide to drive anywhere.
  7. I've just watched The Grey so if the local foxes get any ideas, I'm prepared.
  8. Just don't go towards to trees.

    Like usual my town gets rain instead of snow. Exeter, Honiton and places close got snow. Don't care really since I don't want to go out as it is far to cold.