So is AAA single player gaming basically dead?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by cmdrmonkey, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. Wow, this looks incredible.

  2. Here's another incredible looking single player game on the way, Hellblade II. I hope it comes to PC.

  3. I'm excited about Hellblade 2. And I'm all over this one when it comes out.

  4. My kid's favorite games.

    1. Roblox
    2. Roblox
    3. Roblox
    4. Goat Simulator
    5. Fortnight
    6. Minecraft

    The Roblox thing is crazy. If they can't play it, they want to watch other people playing it on the Roku channel. They have very little interest in AAA games. I think what matters most to them is the ability to do what they want without rules and limits.
  5. Your grandkids will probably bring it back if so. But you gotta remember kids have all that brain space and no jobs so they can devote endless cycles to mastering whatever Roblox is. Meanwhile, we can’t even get into Zelda anymore.

  6. Roblox is a crazy game. It's a virtual platform where people have created millions of virtual worlds. The games go from bizarre to sort of of creative. The Twitch streamers are the worst. They all use the same cracked out OMG loudness that targets kids. One popular game theme is adoption, where you run away from your family and try to get adopted by another, richer family. I've actually had to ban some of this shit because I can't take it.

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  7. what is it with goat simulator? My kid’s the same, really likes it. No clue what roblox is, we avoid PC riffraff here. Switch/kindle/PS4/IPad only.
  8. Goat simulator is really fun if you’re really faded.


  9. Roblox is on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Xbox One. But it's good that you've never heard of it.