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  1. I need socks. What do you guys wear?
  2. When I graduated college I needed black dress socks. They were fucking expensive, razor thin and uncomfortable. I found regular old tube socks at Walmart in black. Fast forward 11 years, it's all I have. They are comfortable everyday socks but I wear them to work, events, weddings, with tuxedos or with shorts. I don't give a fuck... once you go 12 pack black, you don't go back.
  3. I might wear black socks twice a year. I mostly wear white Hanes crew socks with pants and white ankle high with shorts. I do have some wool socks and they are awesome but expensive and kind of small. I get them from China and I guess size 12 feet aren't real common in China. Hanes has my socks on sale right now. I should just buy them and be done.
  4. I wear white Hanes ankle socks 99% of the time.

    The other 1%:
    - I have a pair of wool socks that I only get to wear 1-2 days out of the year because it doesn't get cold enough here in Florida.
    - I have black dress socks for when I have to dress up more than my usual office attire of a t-shirt and jeans. This is usually for events or on the rare occasion when I travel for work.

    This sock question raises a much more meta question for me: how is someone in their mid 30s supposed to dress? I'm usually in a graphic tee and jeans, but every so often I wonder if maybe I'm getting to old for it and should buy old man clothes. I never do though because I'm usually broke.
  5. Well I ordered a bunch of socks directly from Hanes. They actually have some good deals that beat store prices right now. I had a bunch of black no show socks in my cart but I chickened out and removed them. I can't go black. Too much unpredictability there.

    I'd wear graphic tees all the time if I could. I love long sleeve tees but they are really hard to find in 2XLT. I have a closet full of nice button up shirts for work but these days I work from home so much I never wear them.

    I usually get one or two of these shirts every year. I love the style but they are expensive.
  6. White socks are for old men and dorks.
  7. See. This is why I can't trust anyone. I've been told that black socks are for old people.

  8. i lost faith in all of you guys
  9. I only wear black socks, haven't worn white socks since I was a child.

    Now in my mid 30s I mostly wear jeans and polo shirts, hate shirts with nothing around my neck. At this time of year I throw a jumper (sweater) over the top of that.

    Still wearing proper shirt and trousers to work but only wear a suit jacket if I have a meeting. Can't remember the last time I wore a tie, if I tried to put one on now I would probably gag.