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    Sonic is once again back, but this time this game actually looks like its the sequel we wanted.

    Check the gameplay video out:

    So, two different Sonic's and two different styles of gameplay. Original across the screen gameplay for original Sonic and Sonic Adventure style gameplay like, well Sonic Adventure. Sounds epic!
  2. I wish people would stop saying that, it's never going to happen! Also, does this mean they've canned Sonic 4 episode 2?

    Who cares I just saw the video. This looks like the sequel we've all been waiting for... dammit! I reckon the modern Sonic part looks more like the daytime stages from Sonic Unleashed rather than Sonic Adventure, which is good because I thought the daytime stages of Sonic Unleashed were possibly the most fun bits of any sonic game ever. The classic Sonic bit looks more like the old Sonic than any of the recent attempts we've seen. After seeing that video I suddenly have high hopes!
  3. If only they did this after Sonic Adventure 2 instead of all of those pointless games.
  4. Ah but then what would they have done to celebrate Sonic's 20th birthday? Damn just typing that made me feel old!
  5. Haha, indeed. It has been a long time since we first started playing Sonic. The game should be good nonetheless, and Sonic 4 will still continue.
  6. Well the demo is available for download but it was only made available to play for 20 days (17 days remaining so get it now). It's only the 2D version of the Green Hill Zone but I have to say it's a massive step up from Sonic 4 Episode 1. It's furiously fast, pretty, and the level design is pretty much identical to the original Green Hill Zone with updated music so the nostalgia factor is way up.

    However it still feels nothing like the old Sonic games, the momentum is a little iffy at times, although nowhere near as bad as Sonic 4. For some reason Sonic Team seem to have extreme difficulty recreating something they did 20 years ago. I'll be buying this game for sure but I'm more looking forward to the 3D sections like Sonic Unleashed which in my opinion had Sonic at his best (daytime stages).
  7. Sonic Unleashed is the one where he turns into a werehog, isn't it?
  8. Yeah that was kind of gay but the daytime stages where you blasted through the levels at breakneck speed were (imo) Sonic's highpoint, his best gameplay. Feast your eyes on these and weep tears of pure gold!

  9. Wow, simply wow! I have not said that since Sonic Adventure 2. Speaking of which I love how you got City Escape from it in the new game but it has new parts, updated parts as well as a few of the old parts. The speed is also faster than the Sonic Adventure 2 games too which is a good thing.

    I guess my statement of this being the next true sequel is turning out to be real. I cannot wait. I just hope there are some more quality old school levels brought back.
  10. There were rumours that most of the classic levels would be included and re-imagined. Chemical Plant Zone? Metropolis Zone? Speed Highway? I can not wait. Funny how they didn't release the game on Sonic's 20th anniversary, just the demo. Odd.
  11. rushed games are stupid though. ie movie tie-ins
  12. This game is becoming more and more amazing. A true fan service. Aswell and some old and updated songs like "Sonic Boom" by Crush 40 and "Escape from the City" There will be some old bosses and rivals.
  13. It's almost here. I'm just wondering if I should get it on the PC or the PS3?
  14. Sonic on the PC? What is wrong with you!
  15. Get out. ------------------------>>>
  16. Will this have shitty jumping and gimmicks like some of the recent Sonic games?
  17. If you liked the day time stages in Sonic Unleashed (I think that's when Sonic was at his best) then you'll love this game. I'm only really getting it for the modern Sonic part, the classic Sonic part is just a bonus.
  18. Monsly, Generations is the best Sonic game to come out since Adventure 2. The game is about speed as it should be. Classic Sonic is exactly like the old school days but in 3D and Modern Sonic is like unleashed as Arma says but its about super speed and fun levels. This is nostalgia at its best. Try the demo, its epic!
  19. I just got it from Steam -- it's downloading now. Unfortunately, it won't unlock till tonight. But it'll give me something to do this weekend!
  20. Jealous!