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  1. Kinda like emergency room surgery.
  2. I don't normally end up with any 'spare' screws these days as I keep everything seperate but yes they do have a lot. The most common repair I seem to do these days is screen replacement and usually end up with 30+ screws of varying size and shape.

    The worst bits are the ones you have to prise apart, breaking the little plastic clips that hold them together would be a pain.
  3. @grim

    The best thing I've used for prying are those wooden coffee stirrers from starbucks. If you use a metal flathead screw driver, you risk breaking the plastic. When it comes down to plastic vs metal, metal usually wins. But wood doesn't normally damage plastic, even with a lot of force.

    Exactly. As someone who's both scrubbed into surgeries and repaired laptops, they are very similar. It's all about being organized and methodical.

    One of my Dell Latitudes was getting really hot, as the fan was clogged with dog hair, and the CPU thermal pad looked like dried, wadded up bubble gum. On this particular Latitude (E4300), you must remove the motherboard from the case to reach the CPU. So I took it apart last night, cleaned the heatsink and heat spreader on the CPU, and applied some arctic silver ceramique. This dropped the CPU temp by around 15 degrees C, and the fan isn't running nearly as much. I used the labeled ziplocs and photos method I mentioned, and reassembly went very smoothly with no spare screws or confusion about where things went. And now I have a cooler, quieter laptop.

    You just have to be organized. Don't do something dumb like throw all of the screws into a bowl. I did that the first few times I worked on laptops, and it ends up being a nightmare to put them back together.
  4. My new laptop seems to be constantly auto correcting the volume and it's really annoying! I'm listening to some music with headphones on and just as an awesome loud bit drops the volume goes down to remain the same as before the song became loud. Anyone know how to disable this most annoying and unwanted of features?
  5. Click on the speaker icon in the tray, click on the little speaker icon above the volume control. This will open speaker properties. Then go to the enhancements tab and make sure nothing is checked.

    Since it's an HP, it might also have some gay Dr Dre Beats equalizer software on it that might be fucking shit up.
  6. Yeah I tried the speaker settings by clicking on the icon in the taskbar and through the control panel. I figured there might be some sort of feature or option I'm unaware of.
  7. I would go to computer, uninstall, and then see if there's some beats audio thing installed. If there is, I would uninstall it.
  8. Had a quick look and it seems cmdrmonkey is on to something. Lots of complaints about that beats programme. Last laptop we bought came with a load of bloated crapware. Might be worth having a purge.
  9. Will an SSD drive help with ripped Blu-ray video playback? Or should I just go for max storage on USB 3..
  10. Just go for max storage. SSDs are great but you don't really need the speed just to play back ripped blurays. I just use 2 x 4TB Hitachi mechanical HDDs for all my ripped and stolen stuff. USB3 should be plenty fast for playing back your rips.
  11. My USB ports seem to go lame every now and then. Connected devices will suddenly become "unrecognized" and stop working. I move them to another port and they work again. The offending ports will eventually work again after a reboot. Windows 10 problem or motherboard?
  12. sounds like possible mobo problem. I have a ton of usb devices connected to my current system without that problem. also my older 2009 system doesn't have those systems either.
  13. Can someone explain the Oculus Rift to me and why people seem excited about it.

    It seems like it's basically just $600 monitor googles where turning your head acts like a dpad or a less precise mouse.

    That sounds gimmicky, dumb, and expensive. Wearing monitor googles sounds uncomfortable. Constant head turning sounds uncomfortable and doesn't seem like a great way to aim. I'd rather just have a monitor and a mouse. I'm sorry if I sound like a newb asking this, but this is a thread for noob questions.

    I think until we get something that's pretty much the holodeck from Star Trek TNG, VR is just going to be gimmicky and pointless.
  14. it's just immersion technology.

    basically I own the samsung gear vr which is also made from occulus and it's still very very early technology. it has some elements of 3D-ness to it too. but like you said, the main problem that comes into play is the comfortableness of it. it has to become super light to even start thinking about becoming mainstream. these things are front heavy so they're more uncomfortable than helmets.

    these will take off on space simulators like elite dangerous and the upcoming star citizen (if that ever comes out) but for your mainstream games, it might go the way of 3d tvs unless some big changes are made.

    as it is now, for pc gaming, it requires super beefy hardware to push the resolutions
  15. I got to try a Rift a few weeks ago for a virtual job site experience on a kill floor. It was cool. There was blood and guts and gore everywhere. If they could have added smell the experience would have been complete. I bought the cheap google cardboard ones and even a $10 plastic one. They all made me sick. Gave one to a friend and he became obsessed with it and will probably buy Samsung one for his phone.
  16. It's not really VR without the haptic suit.

  17. lol Americans can't fit into that.. it'll never reach it's goal.
  18. I have a pdf issue right now.

    So I'm trying to print some documents that have been scanned in by a lecturer, hand written stuff. At the top of the page is a hand written HT12 (as in Hilary Term 2012), this is because the file was created back then. It's since been updated so now when I open the file instead of HT12 I see HT16 (typed font, not hand written), all good so far.

    The problem arises when I got to print the document. The print preview shows the old hand written HT12 at the top, and it prints as such. This is no good because I'm pretty sure it's somehow reverting to an old version of the file and therefore not printing the updated version which is needed this term.

    I've not experienced this before and I can't seem to find a solution online, so I'm asking you guys. Anyone know what this is all about? Thanks in advance.

  19. Expect the first reported case of "VR neck" to surface about 2 months after release, and the first VR related starvation around the same time.