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    Not really. Anything with a Core 2 Duo or better, 4GB+ of ram, and an SSD will be perceived as fast by most people for what laptops are generally used for. The need to upgrade laptops every few years for the latest specs hasn't been a thing since around 2006 when the Core 2 Duo came out. Laptops are not gaming desktops (but even those have very long upgrade cycles now, and it's mainly the GPUs that get upgraded). I'd rather have something sturdy with a nice screen and a good keyboard than the latest CPU, which makes almost no difference in a laptop as long as it's at least an i3 or C2D. Build quality and user experience are really the most important things you should consider when buying a laptop. Specs are much less important, just so long as the laptop isn't underpowered. The high build quality and good user experience are why Macbooks hold their value, even when the specs are out of date.
  2. Just worked on a system for someone that was failing to POST 95% of the time.

    In the end found that if I reset the CMOS it would POST and boot but then the next time it would fail again. A BIOS update fixed it but I have to say I didn't find the LEDs on the ASUS board very helpful. Sometimes it would get stuck at CPU, sometimes at RAM and others at GPU, it was so random.

    The i7-2600K and 16GB of RAM in this thing still make it pretty damn quick though now it is working.
  3. This guy does videos comparing 5 generations of i7s and 6 generations of i5s using gaming benchmarks. Even when the CPU becomes the bottleneck the old Sandy Bridge i7-2600K still stands up well against the Skylake. Lynnfield is the only version that has a noticeable slow down for the i5s. Adding DX12 makes even the small differences disappear. My guess is because multiple cores are finally being used effectively.


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    It looks like the last 3 generations of i5s and i7s have identical gaming performance. A 1 frame per second difference here or there is not statisticcally significant. I guess that makes sense with intel focusing more on power consumption in the last few years than performance. It makes me feel good about my i7 4770K. There isn't a mainstream i7 I could upgrade to that would be any better.
  5. I found a really good tool for data recovery that is free so thought I would share it in case anyone else comes across a faulty drive that won't be mounted in any traditional ways. Of course it is a linux tool and runs in the terminal, it is a tool called PhotoRec and comes as part of TestDisk.

    $ sudo apt-get install testdisk
    $ photorec

    I was able to use this to pull 40,000+ jpg files from a seemingly dead drive but it will also search for just about all other file types (you can do a complete search or search by whichever file types you are after) and it does it on a sector by sector search. Very handy tool.
  6. I have to go help a friend with a PC tonight. Apparently they accidentally started the Win 8 to 10 upgrade process and then turned the power off at some point to prevent the install from completing. I'm expecting to see something ugly.
  7. The install normally just picks up where it left off.
  8. I'm hoping that is so. So far all I've heard is the desktop is yellow and there is no Internet access.
  9. Now I got my own problem. I upgraded my 8GB Crucial DDR3 to 16GB HyperX Fury. I put the memory in and the PC didn't post. Rebooted and it started fine. Played games for a couple of hours and then my PC freezes. I rebooted several times but it wont post again. I put the old memory back in and no problems. Bad memory?
  10. I'm SURE you already did this since you're not a noob but you did run some memory tests to check for failures before asking yes?
  11. I'd test it if I could. With the memory inserted there is no video, no USB power to the keyboard, I don't even hear the drives spinning. HyperX says it compatible with my motherboard and it ran fine for a few hours. I suppose I could update the motherboard bios but I hate doing that. I'll swap it again tomorrow. If it works I'll run a memtest.
  12. BIOS update would be my place to start.
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    Alright alright I updated the bios and it boots again with new memory. Running Windows mem test now. My only thought is that the memory was a little warm when it failed the first time. Might have to stress test it again. I'll check the bios too to make sure it's not overvolting for some reason.

    edit: Windows memtest came back fine and voltage is fine. I'll stress it tomorrow. Time for sleep.
  14. Sounds like a bad ram module. Time to get an RMA.
  15. Could be that before the BIOS update it was over volting it or even leaving a chip running.

    If it is now testing fine I would assume it would is OK and it was simply that your BIOS didn't understand it and was sending it bad instructions.
  16. Currently have a problem with sound with a PC game(Darkstalkers) when I run a HDMI through my Laptop to my TV. It won't pick up any sound when I load the game up but if I put in the HDMI in after the game loads up the screen comes on but the sound runs through the laptop. I was getting sound effects through the TV on cutscenes and but the rest stayed coming from the laptop. All other games work fine through it so I have no clue. Any ideas?
  17. Do the settings for the game allow you to pick an audio device? You might have to manually select HDMI audio.
  18. No there is no option for that I am afraid. The HDMI shows the game but just not the sound.
  19. Only $50 off. Must suck. But I don't know.