Sonu's n00bish PC questions

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Sonu, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    How about this Thermaltake PSU, modular, 5 year warranty, active pfc for 70 bucks ar... this is probably the bottom of the barrel for modular psu's though

    I saw a very cheap (30 bucks ar) coolermaster psu but it's not modular. Passive PFC (think that means it's not a good OCer) and 5-year warraty.
  2. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    I believe it used to be 5 but they changed it.
  3. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    Indeed. Many of the Antecs and Corsairs PSUs are just re-branded Seasonics which sell for less.
  4. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    Another story of this is that with Antec (or to a less extend Corsair), you could have some cheapy components inside the PSU's. With a Seasonic, your bound to have the Delta quality.
    In my view Seasonic>Corsair>Antec.

    Most ppl spare on a PSU, while its one of the most, if not the most important components. Cheaper PSU's could ripple your hardware, by not even noticing anything.
    Aside from rare bsod's and whatever ;)
  5. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    Dont advice him that Coolermaster, please :lol: ;)
  6. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    This is $5 more. I think it's a rebranded Seasonic. It has a 5 year warranty.
  7. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    Probally a PSU that wont fail on you as easy like the OCZ did.
    Im abit looking on the Bronze certification though, most high quality psu's rather have silver or gold (but then prices go up...).

    Have you seen this one?
  8. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    I'm wary about buying directly from Seasonic because they're Taiwanese. Antec is American. I hate dealing with Chingrish tech support. I'm sure they make great power supplies, and I'm aware that they're often rebranded as Antec and Corsair. I'd rather buy from Antec or Corsair because I can get an American on the phone who speaks English and actually has some concept of customer service if I have a problem.
  9. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    Ah okej lol, then ya might go for the TruePower one yes :D
  10. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    Most corsair PSUs are made by Seasonic, so I'm not sure how Seasonic can be better than Seasonic.

    VX550, TX750 & 850, HX1000 are CWT. The rest are Seasonic. I'm not sure about the newer models.

    Besides, their are no comparable Seasonic models on newegg in that price range, the closest is their 380w model with 17A 12v rails, hardly comparable.
  11. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    last time I called Asus, a company INFAMOUS for having crap tech support, I got an extremely quick and helpful answer, and was it in 'Chingrish'? no, it certainly sounded like your typical overworked IT tech support American to me! No accent and he spoke fast and fluid.

    You can't quite tell what kind of support you'll really get. I can see why an American company would outsource for cheaper workers, I don't see why a taiwanese company would 'insource' for more EXPENSIVE workers but... *shrug*

    And what was wrong with that Coolermaster? He could get two for the price he's looking for here. More valuable than any tech support IMO :p.
  12. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    Nothing I've bought from coolermaster has done too well in the quality department IMO. I bought my mate a cheap coolermaster PSU for his build almost 3 years back and it's still doing fine though. It was powering an E6600 and 4850 now 5850 with no trouble. It sure looked and felt fairly cheap and nasty though.
  13. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    Coolermaster isn't a brand I trust. My brother had one of their cases and it was a total piece of crap. He ended up replacing it with an Antec.

    Also, I've had so many bad experiences with Chingrish tech support that I avoid buying Taiwanese or Chinese whenever possible. Those people have no sense of customer service and refuse to honor their warranties. I won't even buy anything but a straight from intel motherboard at this point. Too many bad experiences, and the intel extreme series is pretty damn good.
  14. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    Same experience here, and I bought a high end CM case to boot. It hasn't been bad at all, but it hasn't impressed me for the money. My mate I mentioned earlier also bought one of those CM 690's, good god are they a cheaply made POS.
  15. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    Coolermaster cases are usually considered pretty good. I think my Cosmos will be the last case I'll ever buy. I wouldn't buy their other stuff though.
  16. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    What i meand is that with Seasonic, your bound to have Delta quality. With Corsair, you probally get one aswel, but if you want a bigger chance of getting Seasonic quality then you should get a, well, Seasonic ;)
  17. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    So your whole lifetime you wont ever swap case, or buy a new one. Use the Cosmos forever?
  18. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    Thats the idea. I'll use it until PCs don't need cases.
  19. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    Personally dont hope that will happen, i like costum cases and different models.
    Everyone having the same pc case would be boring.
  20. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    I think it would be boring as well but it's probably inevitable.