Sony Has sold over 150 Million PS2\'s worldwide

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  1. According to sony has managed to sell over 150 million PS2's in just over 11 years this figure seems Incredible to me.

    "The PlayStation 2 is the best selling videogame console of all time including both home consoles and handhelds. As of January 31, the system has sold 150 million units worldwide in just under 11 years.

    Next month will mark the 11-year anniversary of the PS2's release in Japan. It'll reach that same milestone in North America this October. Sony's announcement does note that the 150 million figure is a sell-in number, as opposed to a sell-through number -- that is to say, that's how many systems have been sold to retailers as opposed to units sold to customers. With a collection of more than 10,828 games available for the system, more than 1.52 billion games have been sold through the end of 2010.

    However, Sony may not hold onto the record of best selling system for long. As of December, the DS -- on the market since 2004 -- had sold more than 144 million units. The 3DS is sure to hamper DS sales as we go into the future, but surpassing the PS2 seems more than doable for Nintendo."
  2. I saw about this the other day. It does not come as a shock to me though as the PS2 was the leading console for that generation and also had the best game library of those consoles. A huge one at that.
  3. Do the DS figures include the DSi? That probably counts as a new handheld,but I don't think it sold that well.
  4. I'd have thought it would include all version of the DS. Hasn't the DSi been the mainstay of their lineup in recent years?
  5. Well it should really count as a separate handheld, since it had a beefed up processor and DSi only games.
  6. Nah, it's the same machine at heart. If we were including the 3DS I'd agree but we're not. YET.
  7. The DSi was probably the biggest failure this generation.
  8. Why? Hasn't it sold millions?
  9. I swear it's only had like, five games released in the UK specifically for it.
  10. It's still sold millions; I'm not surprised there's not loads of exclusive games for the DSi. You're best off aiming at the wider market really. I've not picked up any downloadable stuff for the DSXL I got. I think most people who pick up the DSi/DSXL are just going for a model with some extra features over the lite, rather than exclusive games.
  11. DSi is phail!
  12. It sound nearly 18 million in the 09/10 fiscal year. I don't know how that compares to rival products but I guess pretty well.
  13. Dismal, utterly dismal.