Soul Calibur V!

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  1. It's finally been announced. There very little info floating around at the moment but here's the teaser posted by IGN earlier today:

    The fighting is supposedly "lighter, more fluid and graceful" which will be welcome after the relative heaviness of SCIV. Also the online play is "more responsive". It had better be! SCIV was an epic fail online, there was a constant half second lag between your button inputs and the character moving, on both consoles.

    Looking forward to this?
  2. Not played this series since SC3. I may have to jump back in if it is any good. I still think the original on the Dreamcast is the best though.
  3. I've been playing since Soul Blade (or Soul Edge) so I love the series. Me and my mates loved 2 and especially 3 which we think is the best. 4 is good but no where near as good as 2 or 3 because it feels slower and you get penalised for having a good defence via the soul guage. Number 5 looks more fast paced like 2 and 3 so I'm excited about this one. Don't buy 4 just wait for 5 and get that instead. The online for 4 was broken too. There was a good 1 to 1 and a half second delay on you pressing the button to your character moving making defending an impossible skill. We stuck with it and played online for a bit but it was unacceptable, hopefully the online portion on 5 will work.

    Anyway here's a new video, it doesn't actaully show anything remotely interesting but I though it should be posted here so people don't forget it's coming out.

  4. I hate the visual, burlaped style seen in IV and now V. Irritates me. I also hated the way they controlled. I actually kind of regret SCIV and VF5 on Xbox.
  5. Please explain.
  6. The loading times did my head in on IV and it didn't really grab me that much. The DC version is still my favourite I reckon.
  7. I suppose burlap is too strong a word. I just don't the visual style and even the technological style they have chosen to go with. It just a bit too fuzzy for my tastes. I don't know to explain it better. Like too much weird normal mapping or some kind of strange shader implementation.
  8. I thought the graphics were a step up from SC3, as you would expect from a next gen game.
  9. I doubt it will ever get as great as the original Dreamcast version. I never knew there was a fourth version tbh, guess it does not interest me that much any more.
  10. Soul Calibur 3 owns all Soul Caliburs. Number 4 was slow and heavy and it wasn't as good in general. SC5 looks a lot quicker than 4 so that's one step in the right direction.
  11. They are as in they are definately more advanced. I just don't like the look of the game I suppose is the simplest way to put it.
  12. Yeah, probably the same way SFIV visuals make me feel queasy. They just look wrong.
  13. I got SSF4 Arcade and am shocked at how few 3D scenes there was! I thought there would at LEAST be a few per battle, like MK4 and later. Not totally 3D like current MK, but at least an added dimension (near- far) and pseudo 3D scenes when the fighters enter like the current SNK games... ok the latest SNK games :x I have no idea if SNK even lives or not.

    Anyway I don't have a problem with their animations :D their's just so few of them compared to even MvC and stuff! Coarse I only played the game for 5 or so hours...
  14. You're wrong!

    Anyway here's a new video.

    Every time I see a new trailer for this game I get more and more excited, which normally doesn't happen when I watch trailers. The thing that especially excited me about this one is the music starting from the 1 minute mark, see if anyone knows what it is and why it's a subtle sign of this game being great!
  15. New trailer. It's not great but you see more of the characters. Strangely Mitsurugi doesn't seem to have aged over the last 17 years, still no sign of Zasalamel or Yoshimitsu though.

  16. Ezio from Assassins Creed has been revealed.
  17. I think he's actually a good fit for the franchise. The Star Wars characters were fun but shouldn't have been in the game and going back to SC2 I felt Link and Spawn felt very out of place. I preferred the SC2 version of Heihachi to the Tekken version though!

    Any ideas on platform specific characters? I hate that sort of thing.
  18. Doesn't appear to be anything at the moment.
  19. Cool, I was expecting Ezio on PS3 and Altaiir on Xbox or something.

    Desmond on the Wii obviously.
  20. Oh dear...

    Why would they do this? I don't know who this clown is but he looks shit and annoying.