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  1. http://www.minaware.com/benchmark/

    Microsoft has decided to trash the GetVersion function; Windows 8.1 and 10 return the Windows 8 version number. Now I get the version info straight from the kernel DLL file. We shall see if that's future proof.

    Seems adding a 2nd stick of 4GB RAM to my laptop boosted 3D Rendering considerably.
  2. Behold! Everyone loves graphs.


    GPUs are on a different curve. We'll need another update before they rip a hole in time. The max is around 8.3 million FPS for the upload packed data. I'm not sure what the max (i.e. minimum ms) is within the app before it loses accuracy. I'll try to update before it gets down to 50ms (~12000 FPS).
  3. Version 4.7 raises the max threads from 64 to 512. Nobody has uploaded a score for more than 8 threads yet, but 30+ thread chips are now out in the wild.
  4. How do I know this is safe? What if Steve needs to turn tricks now to make ends meet?
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    It's not safe. Steve hijacks your computer to mine cryptocurrency and distribute toilet slave porn on the dark web.
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  6. It's safe. There's no adware, no malware, nothing running in the background, no drivers, no services, no scheduled tasks.

    Still, I added some download options for those who can't or don't want to run an installer as an administrator. The App Pack also comes in a 169KB 7z archive, and SpeedSpec by itself is in a 70KB zip. You can extract and run as a limited user.
  7. In version 4.8 the score chart has a "My PC" entry for easier comparison. The score still doesn't get uploaded until you click Upload Score.
  8. Another update was needed, this time to add Windows 10 DPI awareness. The text won't be blurry at over 100%.

    I see that Windows 10 "real-time protection" squashes the Drive score. Every file read is extensively investigated and exhaustively analyzed by Antimalware Service Executable (MsMpEng.exe).
  9. Wow, haven't seen you around in a long time! Hope all has been well.

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