Square Enix's new engine

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  1. This is mighty fine cut-sceneage.

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    SE teases as always
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    That 4 minutes had more story than FFXII and FFXIII combined.
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    Wow. So the graphic don't look any different but that kinda reminded me a bit of parasite eve. Like 'the beginning' or something like that lol.
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    The visuals look great, but the idea behind them seems a bit routine compared to the graphic effort.
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    You're wrong. The story on FFXIII was awesome, and there was plenty of it.
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    Probably because it was just a technical demo of their engine, graphics take priority over story.

    What was the PC one with the guy smoking in the rain and he jumps off a building/.
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    You mean the Samaritan video? It was the Unreal 3 engine.


    But that's so 2011, it's all about Unreal Engine 4 these days.


    Noob question time. I thought a company would make an engine then use it for a couple of years, why showcase the Unreal engine 3 and then only a year later reveal Unrela Engine 4?
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    To what? Which game are you talking about that has real time rendering this good?
  10. Square-Enix need to stop focusing on the best graphics and just make a decent RPG for the first time since FFX. Another Chrono game would not go amiss either but with the staff now they would probably ruin the deep story line needed.
  11. FFXII was much better than FFX, you have no taste.
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    Sure, the main point is the graphics, but they are including a storyline. Unfortunately, it seems like something they came up with in an hour meeting vs. the visuals.
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    Well to be fair.... That's a cutscene and it looks like every other cutscene from the past two years however the real time of me3 in hd isn't bad. The ppl shoulder proportions is still odd but that's the artist not the engine
  14. Man, that Unreal 4 engine trailer sucked balls. Angry man gets up out of his chair. Seriously, who writes this stuff?
  15. Hardly. The only good thing about that game was the quests and the music. The gameplay was okay, but the story was non existent. Not as non existant as FFXIII's though.
  16. Da storee wuz 2 biG 4 ur tiNy emoez mindz to unrstanD!1
  17. Yeah that UE4 demo looked like something out of 3DMark. No pride in your work just efficiency (a video made to show off the engine), did you see those torn banners? The lava looked like a picture... compared with the 8-bit days.
  18. The lava was a weak point, for me. Animation of the crust and the fluid simulation was just wrong.
  19. The UE4 engine video was fairly dull.
  20. Here's a tech demo of the CryENGINE 3 engine.