Star Wars: The Old Republic

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  1. Another MMO out to try and steal World of Warcrafts title, but this time it is based on the gameplay of everyone's favourite Star Wars game, Knights of the old Republic.





    Between this, Rift and Final Fantasy XIV, one of these may take me away from World of Warcraft. Anyone thinking of playing or trying this when it is released? If it is anything like KoToR(Which it looks like) then I may try this myself as I loved both KoToR's.
  2. I thought this was getting bad reviews.
  3. I don't know as I have not really read up on it for a while. Last I knew it was not ready to be released yet?
  4. I think you can sign up for free Beta testing weekends. Keys are available to anyone.

    Key here

    Sign up here
  5. Bobby Kotick thinks TOR is going to flop.

    I hate the guy and think he's a douche, but I think he's right. The word of mouth on this hasn't been good. I've heard it consistently described as SW Galaxies with a fresh coat of paint, and Galaxies was supposed to have been bad. And every MMO that's come out other than Everquest and WoW has flopped.
  6. they epically failed on the beta invites. they were still handing out beta invites 2 days before the beta period was ending. you're pretty much antagonizing people at that point.
  7. so the old republic is proving itself by breaking MMO records on launch. they're boasting a million subscriptions in 2 weeks.

    here's the original wow numbers from our old beloved forum.

    I assume digital distribution has a lot to do with this. back in Nov 2004 we were just introduced to Steam. you'd consider yourself lucky if you were able to score a copy of wow before the year was over.
  8. Is this free yet?
  9. You tried it yet?
  10. Nope, didn't bother with signing up for the beta either. I don't exactly have the free time now like I used to 7 years ago. Plus none of my friends bothered to pick it up so that's the main reason.
  11. I am a level 22 Jedi Knight on Eye of Ashlane server..

    Seriously one the best RPG games I have played in ages. The story is so in depth and enthralling. The mechanics of it are very similar to wow, but damn its far more epic and the voice acting adds to it. Get on it if you can I love it thus far and I have played for just over 30hrs now!
  12. I have been playing since 2 days before launch. After playing this for a few days, I sold my WOW account. They took all the good stuff from WoW, and added more great stuff to it.

    There is actually a story line all the way through the game. All quests, and quest turn ins are actually cut scenes with the NPC's talking, and your toon talking back. The only reading you have to do is when you are talking to a driod that doesn't speak, or some crazy race that speaks some crazy shit, they have captions. You also interact while talking to quest givers, you can answer questions nicely, or be an asshat. Either way can change your rep from light side (being nice) to dark side (asshat). Late in the game you can get gear, and it will all depend on which rep you have went with.

    Everyone in the game gets a companion, they are all different. For instance, my Smuggler/Gunslinger (kinda like a hunter in Wow) has a tank companion. Friend of mine is playing a Jedi Knight I think and his companion is a healer.

    I don't see this game bombing like Rift or Final Fantasy. AND NO CREDIT (gold) FARMERS YET! haha. I heard that 1 guy "joking around" said he would sell 20,000 credits for $50, and was immediately perma banned.

    Me, and about 20 of my local friends are all playing on the server "Krayt Dragon" in the guild "Legacy of Ossus"

    Graphics are very nice. Still cartoonish like Wow, but better looking. The Galactic Trade Market (Auction House) still needs some tweaking, but works ok.
  13. I've been way out of the loop with games for too long. Are you suggesting this is a WoW killer? Finally? I'll definitely check this out.

    As much as I'd like to join the light side I'll probably end up an asshat.

    20 local friends? Must be nice. :|

    Edit: And I LOVED KotOR long ago
  14. Does this look and feel like the KoToR games?
  15. If this game is still going strong in a few months and actually proves to be a WoW killer I'll probably get into it. I loved WoW even though i got into it pretty late. I've just seen way too many MMOs start off strong and then fail.
  16. Well, of course WoW was great, just after 6 years I can't do it anymore. I don't know if this will kill WoW, I think WoW will be around for many more years or at least till Blizzards new MMO code named "Titan" comes out. I defiantly won't be going back though. Even though this game is brand new, I am still much more impressed than I was when WoW came out. I am not by any means a Star Wars fan, but I am a fan of a good MMO. ToR can only get better, and I am already pleased.

    There is "The Galactic Republic" and "The Sith Empire", kinda like Horde and Alliance. Each side has an alignment, either light or dark. Fixing to roll a new toon, I want to go all dark and see how that affects game play.

    You can see the alignment bar from my screen shot.
  17. Some screenies.

    My main looks like Mopheus.

    Camera distance is really nice.

    You can be a big fatty.

    Or a skinny chump.

    Lots of face customizations
  18. If you played KOTOR, then you will love this game, this is kind of like KOTOR in many ways but man its richer, darker and far more epic. I loved wow too, but with wow the epic feeling of being apart of something was never that cool when an NPC didn't talk to you..

    The level of polish on this game is crazy.. the only snag in my mind is how epic some of the side quests are, and how much the game doesn't reveal them to you. I was blissfully unaware of them till I started and completed a few and man they alone are better than some RPGs which sell for retail today.

    I haven't done any instances yet.. but as a Jedi Sentinel I feel like I need to.. I wish I had gone consular now actually those elemental moves look way cooler. I rolled an imperial agent too that looks very sinister and crazy..
  19. So how does the game world in this work? You travel to different planets I guess? And I've heard there's some space combat too?
  20. Anyone else playing this now? Game is amazing, yet the server maintenance times are getting on a lot of peoples nerves. Wow started their maintenance times around 5am, but Bioware is starting around 2am, when a lot of people are playing.