Steam \'big picture mode\'?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by alterego, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Just saw this on Joystiq...

    I wouldn't mind using Steam in combination with my big screen, depending on what the requirements hardware and accessories? Usable through various existing hardware?
  2. So what's the deal here? I'm not sure what they're offering.
  3. you're just not seeing the big picture, monsly
  4. Indeed. My PC is already connected to a TV anyways so, quite frankly, Valve can burn in hell. There had better be some awesomeness behind this.
  5. Steam also introduced screen capturing somedays ago, default key is F12.
  6. I kind of had the same reaction and was wondering if anyone else had a good guess of what it might turn out to be. A local streaming solution approach of some sort with an inexpensive piece of hardware connected to the TV perhaps? GDC will obviously provide the answers, but hmmm...
  7. This could even be something like onlive but locally. A wireless network receiver for your TV and very high bandwidth video sent to it. A controller hub could also be included that could sit in front of your TV and connect back to your PC in some sort of wire free fashion.

    The first part would suck for those of us capable of buying a long HDMI cable and getting our graphics cards set up properly, but for the masses it could make PC gaming more accessible like consoles.
  8. That would be do-able with DLNA compatible devices I would assume
  9. That was my first thought.
  10. perhaps it's enhanced backlighting for overhead projectors? 3D drivers for steam games? surround monitor drivers for all steam games? nah that'd be impossible eheh
  11. Did the rat bastards at Valve steal my Home Cloud?
  12. Well, it doesn't appear that Valve provided any additional details about "big picture mode" during GDC 2011...or at least I can't find anything new online via a general search. Maybe they'll get more specific in the next month or two.