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  1. This will be a place to keep track of what's happening on Steam. We can post our Steam usernames and post about Steam Sales, etc.
  2. The Steam Fall Sale Begins November 26
  3. I'm wondering what might be in it. I don't need anything but I'd bite on $30 Beyond Earth, Far Cry 4, Advanced Warfare, and AC Unity.
  4. So it's called the Exploration Sale.

    I already bought my first 2 games I'll never play.

    The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
    The Wolf Among Us
  5. Tempted by Wolfenstein for $20.39.
  6. Is The Witcher 2 any better than the original? I thought the original was overrated garbage. It's $3 right now. But if it's absolutely terrible like the first one, I'll pass.
  7. It's absolutely terrible.
  8. lol, I just wasted $3. I also bought the original for $3 and felt ripped off, it was so bad.
  9. Thinking of picking up Saints Row 4. SR3 was pretty fun and hilarious. Never finished it though.

    Also South Park for $13. I think a lot of people said it was fun. Basically like a long interactive episode of the show.
  10. South Park was worth it at $40 so get that. Saints Row 4 is even more bizare and over the top than SR3. It's a GTA clone for the first 30 minutes then it's a Super Hero game.
  11. I hated the controls of the original Witcher but really liked Witcher 2. I played through it multiple times.
  12. That was my big problem with the first game. The story seemed dark and edgy and like something I would probably like. But it was so frustrating to actually play because of the bad controls and bad interface, I just couldn't get into it. It was a PC exclusive with controls as bad as the worst console ports I've played.
  13. Members of the CD Projekt have definitely played FROM's "Souls" games quite a bit. They dumped the controls of the original and adopted a control scheme much closer to Demon's Souls or Dark Souls, which works much better. It doesn't have anywhere near the depth and precision of a Souls game, but the general style is much closer, including a roll/evade move. I played through it with kb/m first and later used an Xbox 360 controller. Both worked just fine for me.

    There are a few paths you can take play through it to basically see two sides of the story. I can't describe the paths without spoiling things.

    BTW, do not bother with ubersampling. It's ridiculously demanding and cut my frames in half without doing much. You should be able to run it fine with the rest of the stuff cranked up. It was one of the best looking games on the market when it came out.
  14. Just in case anyone is thinking about it DO NOT pick up FFIII on steam. The game is really broken and it will randomly reset all of your progress leaving you stuck late in the game with no key items, no ability to change jobs and no ship etc.

    If you do not notice it happened and you saved it will be game over for that save file.
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    The Steam Summer Sale is now underway and will go until July 4.

    Picked up DOOM for $35.99. I've been hearing nothing but good things about it, and the free demo seemed good.
  16. Temped by many.

    Sunless Sea
    Rise of the Tomb Raider
  17. WTF. Steam doesn't let you gift CS:GO during a sale. Dumb.

  18. Everything seems overpriced. Subnautica at $11.99 is $10 too much. Watched 20 hours of play footage and am content.
  19. Hey Jerk. I bought that.
  20. Gift it when you're done and I'll Venmo you $2.