Steve Jobs dies at 56

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by khaid, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. The man has left quite the legacy.
  2. 56 seems too early to go for anyone, but he was able to spend the majority of his life focused on his true interests, and had a positive impact on quite a few people's everyday lives as a result. That's a pretty good life, I would say.
  3. He worked hard until the end. You just gotta respect that.
  4. I wonder if his poor diet had anything to do with his death. He was too skinny...
  5. not sure if serious....
  6. Didn't expect this to happen so soon.
  7. ate too much apples?? babies?
  8. He only just retired though didn't he? I thought I heard he beat the cancer, kind of makes you worried when someone with that much money can just be here one day and gone the next, no lingering (as far as I know).

    Either way Steve Jobs had a big bucket of win, maybe even a cauldron of win.
  9. not retired. you don't retire until like you're 66 in the US. he resigned in august mostly due to his declining health. you don't just beat pancreatic cancer. it's has one of the deadliest. Patrick swayze also died of it.
  10. A little piece of Jobs will live on in each and every iSheep.
  11. Cancer is shit.

    People comparing him to Einstein, Edison and DaVinci though.... errrr. I'd say he's more like L Ron Hubbard. ;)
  12. He was one of history's greatest con men. No one deserves cancer though.