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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by khaid, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. Is this more Pandora or Youtube? Looking for on-demand song playback... Sirius does internet radio better than anyone, IMO.
  2. It's 2 services in one. You get youtube red (no ads, audio background playback, and youtube red originals) and google play music streaming.

    I signed up back when they did the 90 day trial for $1 a month mainly cuz I'm a huge youtube browser on my ipad. No ads was huge. Then I messed around with google play music little bit and found out that I love it for 90's music hits.
  3. What I mean is can you search for songs, or is it like 'stations' and you can skip songs? I can't find my Note or I'd just try it already. Is Youtube Red significantly different from using Adblock Plus?

    nevermind. i can find the song on YT red and playback without sitting through a pre-roll. gotta find that damn note 4 now.
  4. google play music lets you do both. you can search for individual songs and create play lists or just do stations for specific genres.

    YouTube red takes away ads and gives you access to YouTube red original programs and allows background audio playback on mobile devices.
  5. Looks like the deal ends tomorrow. If you have no google play credit, you may run across your credit card company blocking your payments if you keep purchasing the $4.99 over and over. I just went to target and grabbed the prepaid google play cards.. actually made the deal sweeter since I have a target red card and it took 5% off the total.
  6. I bought 1 month but I doubt I'll use it much.
  7. You chopstick using noob... Google Play Music is $1 for 3 months today, for new subscribers, which I'm not because I paid $5 per month on Sunday.
  8. @khaid

    Did you get the separate YouTube Red Music app? Better than Play Music, imo. Recertified +slick.
  9. I actually didn't even know about it. I downloaded it to see if I'll use it.
  10. And now it's totally free for two months for new subscribers.
  11. should I take the blame for that one too
  12. Google Music - 4 month free promo is back!

    Just in time too, as my last 4 month promo is up next week. I used to be a huge SiriusXM snob... but YouTube Music is better in every way. Google Music and YouTube Red are an added bonus.

    Also dabbled with Amazon Prime Music recently. I was gonna weather the storm with it until a new Google promo floated but moot now. Amazon's selection is a bit limited but it has preset 'stations' similar to Sirius. Amazon also sounds better to me, not sure if they have a higher bit-rate than others.

    The reason YouTube Music is so great is even if Google Music doesn't have streaming rights, some asshole stole and uploaded the song to YouTube anyway. You're gonna find anything and everything ad free. The flip side is the bitrate is dependent on the uploader and not as consistent as the official app.

    Pretty sure Sirius is a dead duck, no reason to pay for it at all.