Street Fighter Collector’s Edition Announced

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Phisix, May 24, 2012.

  1. A great set for SF fans.

  2. $150 for a load of games the fans already have plus some useless tat like a Ryu training belt and light up Ryu figure plus the usual art books and soundtrack rubbish. I don't see why anyone would buy this, but they will.
  3. Well I have none of those games so I am sure there are other people who are like me and would like to get it.
  4. I know one man who will be getting it...


    He can't help himself, he has too much money and buys any old shit.
  5. I'm not convinced I'd buy it but then again..,
  6. WTF?? Street Fighter really has that much music in-game?
  7. I have to assume it also has the
    non in game tribute albums with lyrics and whatnot
  8. It could just be all the music that's been in the games over the years.
  9. Another site's description said the discs included "remixes and fan created music" in addition to in-game soundtracks. I'm thinking they just wanted a bunch of discs to fan out for the promo photo.
  10. I've heard some awesome fan covered Street Fighter music in my time.
  11. You can probably define guitar playing over the past decade with a simple 2 words 'pinched harmonics'.

    Also that is that Danny chap who can 100% just about everything on GH including through the fire and the flames.