Street Fighter X Tekken

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    Most of us know about this game, but the two best fighting series games are crossing horns together. The art style will be the same as the Street Fighter IV engine, so it will look nice. I just hope the Tekken characters move and act like in the Tekken games.

    Roster:(So far. Will update as new ones are announced)

    Street Fighter:

    > Ryu
    > Ken
    > Chun-Li
    > Guile
    > Abel


    > Kazuya Mishima
    > King
    > Nina Williams
    > Bob
    > marduk

  2. Day one purchase for me. I was well looking forward to this and it's sister title, Tekken X Street Fighter but if the fighting is anything like what Tekken has become since Tekken 5 (i.e. total 100% shit) then I might give that one a miss. I was the biggest Tekken fan back in the day but what they call Tekken these days is an insult to a great franchise. They should call it Juggle, not Tekken. It's that bad.

    Looking forward to Street Fighter X Tekken though!
  3. Brand new trailer showing off the tag system and such:

    Some more characters have been revealed since the initial post:

    Street Fighter

    > Cammy
    > Sagat
    > Dhalsim
    > Poison
    > Hugo Andore
    > Ibuki


    > Julia Chang
    > Hwoarang
    > Steve Fox
    > Yoshimitsu
    > Raven
    > Kuma

    PS3/Vita Exclusive

    > Cole MacGrath

    Xbox 360 Exclusive

  4. This looks awesome.

  5. I just found out today that the game has already been out for about a week! I'm totally buying this on my lunch break despite the fact that the 12 future dlc characters are already on the damn disc you're paying for. I'm going for the Xbox version because I prefer Street Fighter with the Xbox controller rather than the PS3 controller. Various reviewers are scoring the game at an average of 8-9 out of 10

    Anyone else getting this?

    Final Character Roster:


    >Chun Li

    As DLC for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions (default in the Vita version)




    As DLC for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions (default in the Vita version)


    PS3 Exclusive Characters

    >Kuro (supposedly PlayStation mascots in Japan)
    >Cole from Infamous
    >Pac-Man (using a Mokujin style mech suit, it sounds better than it looks)
    >Mega-Man (as in the middle aged fat Mega Man from the North American box art of the first game)

    I'm not interested in using or fighting against the PS3 exclusive characters so I don't mind giving them a miss. There are no Xbox 360 exclusive characters due to Capcom and Microsoft not being able to come to an arrangement in time.
  6. Save yourself the trouble; it's utter pants. I didn't think a game could suck more than Marvel vs Capcom 3 (which was bitterly disappointing) but this game is a total noob fest. I hate using the word noob but that's what it is...jesus wept. Quick Combos? So you dont need to bother learning how to play the game, just press two buttons at once to perform a combo. Gems...utterly pointless. Moves and combos that are on the disc but you need to actually pay to unlock.

    A big fuck you very much to fans of Street Fighter.

    If you want to play a real fighting game, just stick with Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition.
  7. I played that last night for the first time in a while but it getting old, I've been playing street fighter iv for 3 years now and fancy something fresh. Im not some die hard try hard who has to learn each and every combo in order to have fun (I used to be though) but I'm not a noob either. Sure they've got the simple combos to draw in a wider audience (it is a business after all) but its also got a deep fighting mechanic for the people who want to spend all day in the training room. Me? I just want to take Akuma and Kazuya/Paul/Jin online and have some fun.
  8. A game that requires no real skill to play and allows amateurs to compete on the same level as players who are prepared to invest time learning how to play is inherently broken.
  9. I don't think the amateurs will be able to play to the same standard as the experts, it's not like they've made the game so that people who start playing it for the first time will instantly be masters at it. They've just simplified some of the mechanics to make it more accessible to newcomers. You make it sound like someone who's never played it before can enter a tournament and stand a chance at winning against people who put the time in to learn the harder techniques.
  10. No I don't make it sound like that at all. However a friend of mine who is an absolute beast at Street Fighter 4 got his arse handed to him by someone who isn't so that says a great deal about the flaws of the game in my eyes.

    The fact is, iit's utterly fucking pointless to take a game franchise like Street Fighter which has a learning curve and completely remove it. You want to get rid of insanely difficult 1 frame links? fine, remove them, but to actually remove the need to master combos and strategies by putting in quick combosand that stupid gem shit is nothing short of a betrayal.

    The fact that the "DLC" includes combos is another kick in the tits for fans of the franchise. I don't know if you know anything about fighting games but combos are the result of the game core mechanics; one move links into another and another. They're not actually programmed into the game as a special move - they just exist. That Capcom have "made" combos is staggering and even more insulting when it turns out they actually want to SELL YOU these extras.

    The game is 100% pure bullshit.
  11. I'm going have to go with Ichiban on this one. I love Street Fighter but I abhor Tekken. Tekken rewards button mashing. And if Namco added Tekken's gameplay elements to Street Fighter X Tekken, then it's been ruined.
  12. What's been ruined? This isn't Street Fighter V. It's as the name implies Street Fighter crossed with Tekken, they're bound to implement mechanics from both franchises. If you're a Street Fighter purist and love only the Street Fighter mechanics you can always play Street Fighter. If however you're looking for something new then Street Fighter X Tekken should be your choice. I've got it now and am about to start playing it properly, and I'll like it. Don't be surprised when Tekken X Street Fighter comes out and they have some Street Fighter mechanics in there plus some new ones.