Super 8

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Phisix, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. Anyone seen this yet? I have this on my PC to watch and all reviews are positive about it. Some people are saying its like a modern day Goonies.
  2. That's a fairly accurate description. The movie is focused around the kids and the timeframe of the movie is around early 80's late 70's I think? That's what it looked like from the technology the kids were using and how the neighborhood and people looked.

    Basically it mostly showed how the life of the kids were and how they tried to get away from their daily dysfunctional families. They pretty much started a zombie movie project and then the adventure starts from there. It captures the feel of those 80's movies we grew up on pretty well.
  3. This movie was garbage. It's so bad you might find the British humor in it.
  4. Fun Movie. Nice break from the usual junk.
  5. I thought it was OK but it didn't remind me of The Goonies much.
  6. I didn't remind me of Goonies at all either.. but I think people say that as describing the type of feel it was going for.
  7. This. It was a dumb little kids' movie. Total Crap.