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  1. Here's how to get this running under Windows 7. DO NOT use the installer that comes with the game:

    1. Create a folder on your C: drive called "Games" if you haven't already.
    2. Right click on the System Shock 2 CD under Computer and click open
    3. Drag the folder on the CD called "SHOCK" into the Games folder you created
    4. Install SS2 Tool. This patches the game to run on modern operating systems without crashing. It also gives you widescreen resolutions and fixes the HUD. You will need to tell it where you put the SHOCK folder.


    5. Find the "shock2" application file in the SHOCK folder. Create a shortcut to it on your desktop.
    6. Right click on shock 2 and click run as administrator. You will always need to run the game as administrator.
    7. When you get into the game, under controls go to "load" and pick "standard FPS controls." This game comes from a weird time when FPSs were transitioning from the old Doom style controls to modern mouse based controls.

    DO NOT try to run the game in compatibility mode. It will just screw things up. The SS2Tool fixes the compatibility issues. Also, despite what some of the torrents tell you, you don't need any cracks. Just follow the instructions above.

    SS2 ran on Dreamcast level hardware, so even the crappiest computers should handle it fine.

    This game is abandonware from a company that no longer exists, so it's not illegal to download. I bought it back in the day, but I don't think there are even many copies around these days. Get it from here, and load the disc image using daemon tools lite:

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    SS2 is one of the greatest games of all time on any platform and is the father of modern first person RPGs and horror games. Seeing how ignorant dudebro was about it made me realize that a lot of people probably haven't even played it. Either they're console gamers, or they're just too young, or like a lot of people, they overlooked it at the time. But it's a game like Ocarina of Time or Half-Life that really everyone should play. So many elements of modern games that we now take for granted originated with System Shock 2.


  3. I started replaying this as a psionic agent and I'm now a couple of hours in. I'm amazed by how well it has aged. In fact, I still think this game has some of the best music, voice acting, and sound effects in any game to date. The game is still better than almost any I've played at creating an oppressive, creepy atmosphere.

    The graphics are dated, by they're passable with the rebirth mod and the texture upgrade pack. The lighting effects are actually kind of impressive given the game's age, and the game has good art direction.

    I had forgotten how tough the psionic agent class is. I'm having to run and hide through good portions of the levels. Some of the psi powers are pretty potent, but you have to pick your battles because the psi hypos are few and far between. I wouldn't recommend this class to n00bs. It's just too tough in the beginning of the game. I had also forgotten that this game has some primitive gravity and physics stuff with the psi agent's telekinesis ability. Pretty impressive for something that came out five years before Half-Life 2.

    Also, those damn monkeys. They're still as creepy as they ever were.

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    Sounds like a lot of hassle just to get the game to run lol. I guess it's to be expected though as it's so old. I sure couldn't play a PS1 game on my PS3 easily, wait.
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    You can't drag and drop one folder and install something? Seriously? You're really that touched in the head with computers? Wow.

    Also, the PS1 didn't have any games as good as System Shock 2, so it's kind of a moot point. System Shock 2 was designed for the glorious PC gaming master race during the golden age of gaming. It has better gameplay than just about anything coming out today because it's not dumbed down for n00bs like the console trash you're used to playing. I have serious doubts that you'll be able to play it without getting confused and frustrated.

    I actually want you to try to play it so I can laugh at your n00bish, dudebro-ish reaction.

    And I think this lays out what you were asking about the classes:

    The Psi agent gets more modules overall, but the abilities you start off with are kind of useless at that point in the game. The Naval Officer and Marine start off with more useful entry level abilities, but they won't be as powerful in the long run.

    Do you want a small, short term payoff, or a big payoff over the long run. That's really what it comes down to. The differences are more pronounced on higher difficulties. Of course, if you have no intention of ever using psionic abilities, the OSA track would be a total waste.

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    I clicked on Get This Torrent and nothing happened. Perhaps not surprisingly I've not used a torrent before. I just got utorrent as my client or whatever. It seems to be downloading now. I don't like all this torrent stuff. I don't like doing things on my computer when I don't know what I'm actually doing. I don't want to be downloading viruses and other such shit.
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    You'll need this too. It's a virtual disc drive to load the disc image you downloaded. Make sure you unclick the spammy stuff it tries to install.

    And maybe this.

    Mod stuff:

    Mod manager:
    Rebirth mod:
    Texture Mod:

    Just load the 7z files in the mod manager. You don't need to extract them first. Then click activate in mod manager. The mods aren't necessary. But they do make the game look a little more modern.
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    What's this seeding? Sounds like it's implanting a virus. I'll be back in 30 minutes to finish this up. Going to get some lunch.
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    It means it's done. Now it's sharing the file with other people. Right click and hit remove.

    How in 2012 have you never downloaded a torrent?

    You're going to hate the game anyway, so it's better that you're torrenting it.
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    He is probably jesting, Monkey.
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    Nope. Never torrented. Never felt the need to.

    Ok so the game is downloaded and installed into my pre-existing game folder on the desktop. Not bothering with the mods, I don't have a problem with dated looking games as long as they actually are dated. I can load it from the shortcut on the desktop and get past the menu but I hear the game starting and there's no visuals. I got daemon tools lite but can't seem to mount the game as it's not recognising the "shock2" file as an ISO or whatever it's meant to be.
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    Did you use the SS2Tool I suggested? The game won't work in Windows 7 without it.

    Also I have no idea what you mean by this:
    The thing you downloaded was an ISO. You load it in Daemon tools. Drag and drop the shock folder from the disc. Run the SS2 Tool, which patches the game. Then run the game from the exe. I'm confused as to what the hell you did.

    This isn't complicated stuff. This is game piracy 101.
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    I've got daemon tools lite open and I'm dragging and dropping the SHOCK folder but nothing's happening.
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    The fuck dudebro. In My Computer, you will see the disc loaded in the virtual drive just like a normal CD. Open it just like you would a CD by right clicking and hitting open. Then drag and drop the Shock folder. Then run the SS2Tool. That's it. That's all you have to do.
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    In my computer underneath my CD drive I see BD-ROM Drive (F:) and it looks empty. Anyway I've got to go now. I should be back on in a couple of hours to try and get this thing to work.
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    Then you never loaded the disc. You have to mount it with daemon tools.
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    Just move it to your x86 program files and load the game from there. Thats how all of my PC games do it without having to mount the disk.
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    That's what I tried. I tried to mount the shock2 application but it wouldn't allow it, I tried the folder, wouldnt allow it, there's nothing in the folders that say disc or game cd. I knew I had to mount the disc my pointnt is there doesn't seem to be one. You said what I downloaded was the disc, perhaps I shouldn't have unpacked it.
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    yes, don't unpack it. do you still have the iso file or did you delete that? I'm going blind here it might be 7z or some other compression but regardless do you still have the file you downloaded? Piracy is made to be very automatic but the one thing you cannot do is unpack :).
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    You don't mount the application. You mount the iso file, which is a disc image.

    How the fuck did you even unpack an iso?