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Discussion in 'Pipeline' started by supersonic, Sep 30, 2014.

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  1. Ungrateful entitled fucks asking about it in the first 60 minutes should test to see if it works. <----- = Chi

    Also, I put we don't have adult content and PVCF/4 is publicly searchable. Should I change this?
  2. Seems to be working. Thanks.

    Monkey posted some scat thread, might need to change that porn thing
  3. I had to reinstall Tapatalk as it just crashed each time I tried to log in, my phone said it was up to date but it does look a bit different in the root menus.
  4. I had to search for it in Tapatalk. The link on the page didn't seem to lead anywhere
  5. Took a while to find the forum using google but I got it in the end. Now I'm up and running on tapatalk.
  6. Does Tapatalk spas out and send thread updates to your phone that don't actually have updates? Seems to do that a lot for me... pretty annoying.
  7. Not having that problem myself. Getting to a thread through a notification doesn't mark it as read though, need to back out and tap it again
  8. O god I hate the new tapatalk browsing window when looking at the timeline. Anyone know how to turn it off, too messy and losing too much info on screen.
  9. http://i.imgur.com/XTgJn7F.png

    looks clean to me. How does your's look?
  10. Have you got that Samsung edge phone?
  11. indeed.
  12. Well... How is it?
  13. On version 4.10.0 which I got yesterday it looks like this.

  14. I'm on tapatalk pro 4.6.2 and mine looks like this.

  15. Now its on 4.10.1 and there is a massive header at the top of the timeline screen so you have to scroll down or you can only see one thread. They have also added a bar across the top.

    Grrr why can't they leave it alone.
  16. Maybe I should set my Tapatalk to not update. Mine's still nice.
  17. How do I remove this gay controller at the top of my tapatalk? Don't know why they have to gay up a perfectly functional product.
  18. I think you just have to put up with it all now, its so horrible.
  19. Mine's still OK
  20. I've been getting notifications for random threads on Tapatalk, stuff that hasn't been updated in months. Makes my phone buzz at all hours of the night, no less... any ideas how to disable this?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.