Tapatalk Mobile Forum App

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  1. The forums are now mobile friendly. You can access them using Tapatalk, which is available on the Apple App Store and Android Market.

    For the time being, Android users can get Tapatalk for free from GetJar as part of a promotion. I think I've also seen it free on the Amazon app store a few times.


    Once you've installed Tapatalk, search for "PVCF."
  2. I'm assuming the green dots next to the avatars indicates if someone's online.
  3. The green dot means people are posting from the toilet
  4. I'm taking a huge dump as I type this.
  5. how huge. we need details. texture? shade of brown?
  6. 10 inches long. Dark mahogany with fissures and bits of partially digested corn.
  7. Mines been coming out more of a paste than logs of late.
  8. It all makes sense now.
  9. The only reason we went mobile in the first place was to further the science of toilet research.
  10. I just downloaded the app. I'm on it right now. I'm never on my PC ever, but I live on my phone, so this could mean my full fledged return to the forum.
  11. The mobile app from Getjar keeps telling me it has expired and to buy the full version. Uninstalled and reinstalled but no joy......
  12. Just buy the proper one, it's only two quid and you are rolling in benjamins right now.
  13. Resolved now, had to update the app on GetJar. People seem to think it could have been the 29th February that confused it.
  14. Tapatalk for Android is in beta for version 2.0 so it is free in the meantime. Gotta sideload it. In short, it has an updated UI and account syncing.

  15. Assuming any of you guys actually bought Tapatalk through Google Play (android market), it's out of beta and was updated.

    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Introducing Tapatalk 2
    [*]Account Sync
    [*]Tapatalk 2 sync all your forum accounts among all mobile devices with Tapatalk installed. Works on iPad, iPhone, Android phone, tablets and BlackBerry.
    [*]Forum Recommendation
    [*]The best forums are not necessary the biggest. Discover new and emerging forums with our Recommendation Engine in Tapatalk 2.
    [*]Better Interface
    [*]A new look & feel w/ revamped interface allows you to focus on your conversation & latest discussions. Works great on Android ICS.


  16. It's a decent app but it's way too easy to get for free.
  17. Yeah I doupdated earlier today. To be honest I haven't really noticed much difference besides the front end being white now
  18. this update (been using the beta) was super useful to me since i wipe and reflash alot (ics leaks for my phone come out every week or so) as the account sync saves your forums.. i browse 3 forums through tapatalk.
  19. Doesn't Titanium backup store your forum settings? It's worked well with pretty much every other app I restore.
  20. I don't use titanium backup, but also notice that the account sync is also useful for people using multiple/crossplatform devices.