Tea Partiers Cheer Leaving Uninsured to Die

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  1. Seriously, fuck this country. What the hell is wrong with people?

  2. Ron Paul's own campaign manager from 2008 died uninsured with $400,000 in unpaid medical bills, so Ron Paul didn't even provide health care coverage for his main campaign staff. It's surprising how many young voters buy into Ron Paul's libertarian fairy tales about how much better the world would work without representative government.
  3. Taxing the extremely rich is "class warfare" while leaving poor people to die due to lack of insurance is a laughing matter.

    And this isn't some hypothetical scenario like the debate might suggest. It happens all the time.

  4. The extreme right of the conservatives, which seems to have influenced other conservatives to also shift further right, is a bit frightening.

    It's stunning when I encounter people seeking disability benefits who tell me that they hate the government and that we really need massive tax cuts to save the country. They aren't employed, are often suffering from severe health problems, and government programs is the only thing they'll have that will keep them alive.

    The Ron Paul supporters are another band of lunatics. Paul actually claims that if we abolished government regulation on business that a mysterious system of strong self-regulation will emerge from the ether. He seems to have no compassion for the needy or unfortunate. He seems to want near anarchy, but he believes that the structure government provides industrialized societies throughout the world will just emerge from nowhere.
  5. I've never had a problem getting government support... I don't know, he must be doing something wrong. Granted, I NEED it (disabled) but if your poor and co-operate (the KEY WORD, co-operate sometimes involves selling your soul...) your gonna get what you need. I don't think this is a political party-influenced issue either. Just it's a ton easier (perhaps TOO easy) to get with Democrats, Republicans are much more stringent, not heartless.

    I'm not saying this as someone who knows all the political issues involved, I'm just giving you the deal from the other side. I've not lost any coverage during George Bush' presidency, it was just much easier to get before and after that.

    I'm not trying to say un-fare practices do NOT happen, I'm just saying they happen regardless and it's not always the system's fault. More often than not the patient does something stupid (drugs, buys a house, car, stock bonds or other investment, or even gets a job, or gets married!! Heck I almost had a problem just getting my inheritance! Lord help me if I ever won the lottery) or doesn't take advantage of government help in the first place! There are TONS of reasons government will take away their help from either party. Take it from somebody who actually deals with this (stupidity) not some muckity muck who makes the laws. There are and will ALWAYS be programs to help, there just will not always be the will to take it. Republicans, Democrats, 'Green party' it won't change for anything beyond pure socialism like Communist.
  6. basically, they do because they don't want to/ can't sell their soul. Especially hard if your married and have a family already. And than if you have a bastard son who wants more than he needs or 'caring' relatives who 'share' their acquisitions with you the government, no matter who it is, will frown on you. You can report it (and face the consequences).... or hide it real well :)

    I don't quite get wellfare, I get supplemental income. But even I come acrossed stupid obstacles. Those getting wellfare need to have a constant straight head on them OR become REALLY good at hiding shit from the government...
  7. The land of freedom eh. What a great country.
  8. The sad part is these people think that our healthcare is the best in the world despite the fact that we're almost dead last among first world industrialized countries on WHO measures.
  9. I've tried citing WHO statistics. Teabaggers are immune to facts. They have no effect at all on them. Their eyes glaze over and they gaze at me with a perplexed look as though I'm speaking in Swahili.

    Hopefully Elizabeth Warren continues to rise in popularity. She seems to have a gift for dismantling propaganda and rhetoric and presenting factual information in a manner that everyone, regardless of background (except Teabaggers of course), can understand.
  10. I blame doctors, they extort money because they can write prescriptions. But Google has made their profession totally worthless. I should be able to pay a general practioner $10 an hour since all they do is reaffirm WebMD's diagnosis.

    I invested in a fake Candian ID.
  11. I'd blame big insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies before I'd consider putting any blame on physicians.
  12. Oh, I blame those fuckers too. But I wouldn't need insurance, if you could afford to pay doctors directly. Then again, if you guys didn't get ripped off by Med Schools you wouldn't have to charge so much...