Terra Nova

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Phisix, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. A new revealed Sci-Fi TV series that is coming at some point.

    Sounds interesting actually.
  2. Ok... totally expected a porn star...
  3. Where's the Like button
  4. Now you like it.

  5. @Supersonic

    You're thinking of Tera Patrick

  6. OMG. Look at that necklace.
  7. Diamonds are overrated. I would have given her a pearl necklace.
  8. Haha Monkey. We need a like button now.
  9. First episode is tonight. I'm going to start watching soon.
  10. Tera Patrick or the show
  11. Did you have favorable impressions? It seems like it's received fairly solid critical support from media TV reviewers. The HD version of the 90 minute first episode is currently FREE for download on iTunes, so I will definitely check this one out.
  12. It was good enough to watch again. I'm worried it's trying to appeal to the whole family though. It has the typical rebellious older son, love struck younger daughter, and a cute youngest kid who gets into mischief. The husband and wife also like to have marital spats in the middle of dinosaur attacks and the typical security guy is an idiot rather than a trained professional. Aside from all that it was actually pretty good.