Terrorist attack in Orlando

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    The Religion of Peace™ strikes again. This time they brought their message of peace to a gay nightclub in Orlando. 50 people are dead. This is the worst mass shooting in US history and the worst terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11.

  2. Too soon to rule out Florida being Florida.

    Are ISIS campaigning for Trump? This will boost his numbers for sure. Wtf.
  3. The shooter was very angry about gay people. But he had also already been on the FBI's radar for Islamic extremism even before pledging his allegiance to ISIS. Sounds like a bad combination of homophobia and Jihadist Islam.
  4. This new trend of young US born and raised terrorist is pretty disturbing. When some US born guy grows up to be a terrorist, I have a hard time believing the parents didn't play a role. It just can't happen any other way, imo.
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    The kids grow up that way because Muslims often don't integrate well into American or Western society and don't share our values. Things like women's rights and gay rights are completely at odds with what they believe.

    I hate religion in general, but Islam is the fucking worst.
  6. so I used to be a resident of Orlando and I actually lived like 5 miles from downtown orlando (where this took place) at a point. downtown orlando is filled with opd (orlando police department) at night down there since the nightlife is really busy. University of Central Florida kids are all over that area. for him to kill 50 and injure a bunch more is a feat of its own. opd would have that entire area swarmed within a few minutes.

    originally when I heard the rumor of 20 deaths, I was like holy shit. then it shot up to 50.. it's almost unbelievable since it wasn't a bomb. in hindsight, it's really sad since so many signs were there and the government couldn't take action. his parents even saw the signs and couldn't stop this from happening.
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    Yeah why was a guy on the FBI's watchlist for connections to ISIS allowed to buy an assault weapon? Someone at the FBI dropped the ball on this one.
  8. Honestly, not sure what they could really do... because the alternative would've ended up in the Fascism in America thread. They interviewed him 3 times and had to let him go because they had nothing to charge him with. He's a US citizen, so his civil liberties trump CIA black camps. No idea if/what the solution is.
  9. This is trending:

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  11. Guns: The Weapons of Self-Defense™
  12. lol gun control isn't going to stop ISIS... I've come around to background checks, though this guy would've still passed. It's scary because I'm not really sure it's possible to stop one-off suicidal terrorists like this. Luckily he didn't go to Disney and kill a bunch of kids.
  13. There are more guns in America than people. Outright banning them probably wouldn't accomplish much because there are already so many in circulation. The background checks need to get better though.
  14. His father was homophobic and a Taliban sympathizer, so looks like you were right on the money:

  15. If that were really true, then there wouldn't be any reason to oppose bans that targeted types of guns that have absolutely nothing to do with self-defense or hunting. Bans do work. Works in the UK. Works in Australia. Hell, it even works in Chicago, where the guns that are used to commit crimes are always purchased outside of city limits. The problem in the U.S. isn't that gun bans don't work, but rather that there is no unified approach.

    It's all about sales. That's all it's about. Money. Period.
  16. The UK and Australia never had widespread gun ownership though.
  17. Widespread is meaningless because the goal is to lower the odds and control what you can control, not total prevention. For example, this guy bought the weapons he used very recently. If the AR-15 or other semi-automatic weapons weren't available legally, it's very likely that the number of people that he could kill/seriously injure is going to be lower. Saving some lives is worth it.
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    It's very likely he would have just bought them at a private sale. Bans and more thorough background checks will inconvenience a guy like this, but they probably won't stop anything. You can't just magically take 400M+ guns out of circulation. Getting an AR-15 through a private sale is super easy. I have several friends and acquaintances where if I wanted to pick up an AR-15 for around $800 I could do it easily, no gun store required, and I'm not even really looking for one.

    The UK and Australia never had anything like our gun culture or level of gun ownership, so banning guns in those countries was easy and smooth.
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  20. Wow....