Terrorist Incident - London Bridge

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  1. Wait, didn't this exact same thing with a Muslim stabbing spree on the bridge happen just a couple of months ago? It's getting to where these RoP attacks are so frequent and so similar they all just sort of run together in my mind.
  2. Has the person been identified yet? Usually if its a Muslim culprit, the BBC will avoid mentioning those details until someone else leaks it.
  3. "Asian man" seems to be the politically correct euphemism they use for "crazy ass Muslim jihadist"
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  4. Didn't take long for another incident. Cue the PC brigade.
  5. 3 x men identified. Shouting "This is for Allah" as they butchered innocent people on a bridge. "They looked Mediterranean" according to media reports.. so probably Syrian and Libiyan. Of course RoP is peaceful.. peaceful enough that it proclaims itself to be the "final truth" no wonder these fucks go crazy..
  6. Just read this from that link:

    Yet nothing will be done with the people who are cheering it who can easy be caught since they are using social media. :/
  7. It seems like there was close to ten assailants involved in the two incidences from what I've pieced together so far, not all have been caught and now there are reports of explosions.
  8. Shit... I thought this was a bump on an old thread:(

    WTF is going on in the UK? We're going to have to give the Religion of Peace™ it's own section soon.

    Huge problem if born and raised citizens become terrorists on whim. In the USA, being extremist isn't illegal. You can't be dealt with until you actually commit a crime.
  9. Get a look at this fucking guy.

  10. Really? That's some fucked up logic. It should be illegal in all countries. Funny how this keeps happening more after Europe let in all those refugees ages ago plus obviously the ones who were already here and hiding. For all I know all of them are extremists as we wont know either way.
  11. And it needs to stay that way. It leaves it too open to interpretation depending on what group is in charge politically. There are a number of progressive organizations who would put people in jail, if they could, just for posting frog emojis or playing Shadilay.

    It is the freedom versus security argument, and I'll always side with freedom when it comes to government authority.
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  12. I don't disagree. But it makes it difficult to deal with terrorists like the Manchester bomber. UK born imbecile with extremist views who was turned into the govt by is friends, university, and mosque. But he hadn't actually committed a crime until he killed 22 people.
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  13. It is the risk we have to choose. We can have the occasional extremists running around free, or we can 1984. Both parties in our current government want 1984 unfortunately.
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    We're at war with an ideology. I think Islam will have to change from within for this madness to stop. Christianity has a dark and violent past, but has become tame and moderate in recent centuries. A similar change needs to happen within Islam. The problem is that Islam has nothing equivalent to the New Testament or the teachings of Christ, so I'm not sure how it could ever become moderate. Islam is a cult of personality started by a bloodthirsty medieval Arabian warlord that's all about violence and oppression. There's just not much there to work with. So laughable that they call themselves the religion of peace.
  15. Education and science lead towards a secular society, which is the answer.

    You made a point before about "true" religion that I've come to agree with. ISIS practices true Islam the same way Westboro Baptist Church practices real Christianity. The regular (moderate) practitioners just cherry pick convenient bits.
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    I'm just not sure that I can ever envision secularism and moderate religion (that cherry picks around the really nasty stuff) coming to Muslim countries, even though that's what needs to happen. Islam is just so horrendously oppressive, especially when it comes to apostates.
  17. I was talking about homegrown nut jobs. It takes less than a year to turn a mid-20s male of any socioeconomic background into a terrorist via the internet. Check out the Showtime documentary American Jihad.

    The people in the Middle East are a lost cause. Half of us look the other way for petro-dollars. The other half will defend enslavement by Islam as liberal ideology.
  18. The worst part of it all is how different ideologies keep playing with Islam like it is a tool. I'm fairly certain progressives think they can use it in a political alliance and tame it afterwards. Neocons think they can use it to destabilize a region, then it can be conquered later through "liberation." Its dangerous.
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    It's especially insane that liberals/progressives think they can form a political alliance with Muslims. Muslims are far more backwards than conservative Christians. These are people who enslave women, imprison and/or murder gay and trans people, and have literal theocracy in their own countries.

    The Women's March is a great example. You have liberal feminist women protesting female oppression in the US that exists only in their own minds while celebrating actual oppression of women by Islam. Do these people have any idea how hypocritical and insane they look? Do these stupid broads not understand that women are basically sex slaves in many Islamic countries? That women have no rights in many Islamic countries? That they wear hijabs because they are their husband's property? That women in Islamic countries are beaten mercilessly for talking back to or even looking at their husbands the wrong way? That in some Muslim countries women have their genitals forcibly mutilated? If you want to see what actual oppression of women looks like, just look at Saudi Arabia or ISIS occupied Syria.