Test Drive Unlimited 2

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  1. The new Test Drive is heading for PC (besides the consoles).
    Hopefully it will be better then GT5 (especially graphically).

  2. So far I've heard that the handling/physics is worse than the first instalment, and that's no easy task. It seems like they focused on the social networking side of the game too much.

  3. Just a quick graphics comparison on car modelling. They're pretty close.

    Test Drive Unlimited 2

    Gran Turismo 5
  4. That Ferrari is one smiley car. I liked the concept of the first one but the driving itself felt a little flat; really didn't grab my attention as a result.
  5. I played the first one as well and you're right, the handling didn't feel good at all.

    Test Drive Unlimited 2

    Gran Turismo 5
  6. Hmmm, from the first shot I'd say that the reflection mapping and lighting was better in GT5. In the second shot though they look pretty similar, just time of day differences.
  7. There is a pretty big poly difference in the second set; look at the wheel arches, gills and bodywork seams.

    I would say GT5 will have worse reflection mapping and shadows than the PC TDU2.
  8. Oh wow, I didn't notice how rounded the curves of the wheel arches were on GT5.
  9. To be fair, TDU2 does seem to be boasting a large open world environment. I just don't know what the human avatars are for. It looks like serious racing is taking a backseat to being cool and in a gang. It doesn't look like it's going for realistic racing, more arcadey stuff.

    I usually right click and "open in new tab" any image in chrome, just in case it's bigger than it looks.
  10. The character models have to beat GT5's.

  11. @chi: Zombie Jeff Gordon is terrifying. What were they thinking?
  12. I think they only know how to model cars. To be fair, his wheel arches are very high poly.
  13. I wish opponents in first-person shooters could use a Jeff Gordon skin. That would greatly improve my K/D ratio.
  14. Oh dear....

  15. GT5 just had an 8.0, both suck.

  16. Still better though. It's the difference between a good game and a great game, as demonstrated by Gamespot.

    7.0 - good
    8.0 - great
  17. It's always funny to hear reviewers complaining about "handling" in racing video games, as if they really know what it's like to drive exotic supercars at high speeds on all sorts of surfaces.
  18. 8 out of 10 = suck? Your bizarre vision regarding console games reaches new heights!
  19. Your expectations of console games reached new heights aswel!
  20. Your posts do not make any sense whatsoever.