The Android Competition Before the iPhone 5 Storm

Discussion in 'Technology' started by khaid, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. Engadget just threw up a handy spec sheet for all the Android hard hitters so far. Some out, some coming out soon.

    The HTC Sensation is shown twice since it's the focus of the article.. ignore that :) I heard the Galaxy S II usb port also doubles as a usb host (ex. can use usb drive). Fancy. Samsung really stepped up their game this time around.
  2. I like the Galaxy S II, especially the look of it. I do wish they had gone for a higher res screen though.
  3. I think the one thing that killed me with the Galaxy S phones was that they didn't have an LED notification indicator. Not sure why they went that route.
  4. What'chu talking bout, Willis?

    The Galaxy S comes with a LED indicator. Fo shizzey on the Sprint Epic4g version.
  5. There's so many different variants of it.. but it just so happens that the Epic version is the ONLY one with LED indicator.

    All of the other models do not have that.