The Art of Sleep

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  1. Just wondered what some of you guys thought about sleep. I have had a bad sleeping pattern for many years as many of you know, and I just cant seem to change it. Yes, I have tried staying up for 24 hours after waking up and two days later I just revert.

    Sometimes I just prefer to be awake instead of sleeping, but then when I do eventually go to sleep I sleep for a long time.

    Your thought on sleep, Sleep deprivation and anything that is to do with it? What type of sleeper are you?
  2. I dunno, do you do anything to get your body in the mood to go to sleep, like have a little snack, brush your teeth, maybe take a bath (a bath not a shower) or do you just go straight to bed from the computer or PC... or even work :/. I'd think it'd be easier to sleep if you set a schedule and stuck too it. I know I feel much more active when I do.
  3. and eat some fruits!! No that's not just another word for fags...
  4. Do you practice good sleep hygiene? That's probably a good place to start.

    Sleep cycle disturbances are also a common symptom of anxiety and depression.
  5. I guess that's why then. I have decided to just stay up all day today now so I can go bed around 10 or something. It usually works after for a bit if I keep to going bed around the same time.

    Just had a nice walk to the shops for some coffee and some fresh air.

    Do any of you have problems sleeping?
  6. Treating the anxiety or depression with medicine or therapy may help with your sleep cycle.

    Sleep deprivation is known to temporarily relieve symptoms of depression. It's possible that when you skip nights, in addition to being very tired, your symptoms improve to the point where you can sleep.
  7. No, I just get to a point when I am about to pass out from lack of sleep and usually sleep 14 hours without waking up, lol.

    I am on anti depressants. I just think after all these years my sleep cycle is used to this lack of sleep until the early hours of the morning.
  8. I take many pills to sleep.
  9. I find sleep easy. I am usually in bed by 11pm on a work night and get up at 7:45 so nearly 9 hours.

    Sleeping is my second favourite thing after eating.
  10. And here I am at 3:00 AM
  11. I have always been like this since I did 12 hour night shifts back I was 18.

    Why you still up Bfun?
  12. I very rarely have trouble sleeping but I know some people who do. I recently found a site called soothetube which is basically YouTube but full of relaxing videos such a people talking (or better yet whispering) with relaxing voices, or two hour long videos of white noise. You can choose to watch the videos on YouTube where you can create a sleeping playlist. I've got a playlist called soothing voices which has around 30 videos totalling many hours. I have m laptop right next to my bed so when I go to sleep I stick the playlist on and start snoozing, maybe that would help you guys.
  13. When I'm in stressed periods, my sleep pattern gets screwed. I find falling asleep with the TV on helps; in the past reading also worked well. Also having some form of exercise that's tiring in the day can work.
  14. I find it incredibly easy to fall asleep in a moving car, doubly so whilst driving
  15. Funny you should say that. I never fall asleep when in a moving vehicle whether it be a car, a train or a plane but when I am driving for a while and it is late I find my eyes getting heavy.

    I now demand Mrs Grim stay awake on late journeys so that she can talk at me.
  16. You should have a drive down here some time, after drinking some ovaltine. Ghahahahaha!
  17. A lot of you seem to have sleep problems and I truly find it hard to understand. Because I don't suffer from it I can't understand how you can't fall asleep. I am usually out within 10 minutes of getting into bed and I don't even want to wake when the alarm goes off.

    I don't really let anything stress me out which I think helps but I especially don't get stressed out with work. I leave work at 5:30 and that is the last I think of it.

    I think the only time I couldn't sleep was years ago, it was Christmas eve and I remember waking up pretty quickly even when I did manage to nod off. I think me and my brother ended up playing monopoly by 4am to pass the time. Shame Christmas doesn't have that level of excitement anymore.
  18. I sleep like it's my full time job. But I used to have problems when I worked graveyard shift. Melatonin is your friend.
  19. I'm living on six and a half hours a night right now. I can't actually sleep longer than that. Sometimes though I get terrible bouts of Insomnia that can last for weeks...drives me mental. Although since I've been hitting the gym like it's my job now I've slept soundly; it's quality over quantity for me.
  20. I don't have problem falling asleep, it's just when I do I'm told I do crazy shit... not so much sleep walking just getting on my bed and jumping up and down, screaming like I'm on fire :| I also tend to sometimes dream of making shapes out of random objects on my bedroom floor... like killer rabbits. I sometimes scream random obscenities in the middle of the night. Keeping a clean room really seems to help with this though :/