The Corgi Thread

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  1. I still wish I knew what happened. He was in the safety of our back yard. I guess it doesn't matter. One vet put it best when he said dogs do strange things. I guess he gets a bunch of mysterious injuries with dogs.

    That's the truth.
  2. Thought this was kind of neat. Shows Corgis doing what they do best: herding large groups of cows.
  3. 22 pounds? these guys are light weights!! sheesh. My Bassets are easily 70+.
  4. The corgi in the video is a runt. They're normally around 30lbs, although some of the males are huge. I've seen plenty of 45lb male corgis. It doesn't look like it affects her ability to do her job. She still herds cows with the best of them.
  5. I've been seeing more and more pems with undocked tails. I like it. Docking is cruel, and it isn't necessary if the dog isn't going to be used for herding.

  6. Animals with a body that size shouldn't have legs that short, it look like it's a mission for them to get about.
  7. Not really. They're short legs, but they're strong legs. Corgis are actually quite fast.
  8. try doubling their weight (plus make them a million times lazier lol) and you got a Basset Hound.
  9. Just for monkey

  10. shoulda' saw when I gave my puppy a grape for the first time, he popped it in his mouth, it popped out he tried to grab it again but without opposable fingers had a hard time :D it was almost as entertaining as peanut butter :D
  11. You're joking, right? You do know that grapes and raisins can kill a dog?
  12. oh-oh yeah... well this guy has eaten boxes of chocolate cookies so I'm not that concerned thanks for the reminder though.

    I don't feed him chocolate and won't feed him grapes just this dog is crafty, he reaches stuff we put in the middle of our counters!
  13. Milk chocolate has very little real chocolate in it.
  14. Corgis are for fags.
  15. Corgis are for real men.
  16. Real men bleem men
  17. Putting clothes on dogs is for fags, it really is.
  18. You guys have really taken a liking to this whole ".... is for fags" thing.
  19. You started it :)

    Has your avatar been on a diet? It looks, slimmer.