The Corgi Thread

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  1. Clear your cache and you'll be in for a really faggy surprise.
  2. Lol. That avatar isn't for fags, it's for mans men(?)
  3. I have not. It is still what I smoke(No lame gay remarks) and it was named for that before you lot turned in into your gay slang.

    Try using "Nancy boy" "Poofter" or "Nob Gobbler" instead.
  4. It's dangerous to put fags in your mouth now...
  5. You'll get beat up in the US for using those terms. As a matter of fact, if cmdr used those terms, I'd ban him. Even if that's not possible, I'd find a way.
  6. Why would you be beaten up for those words?

    It seems a lot of people would get beaten for saying a lot of things in American lol.
  7. There are certain rules you have to follow if you're in the US. If you break those rules, you will receive the punishment of a schoolyard beatdown.
  8. And those rules are? It's okay to call gay people fags but not any other name?
  9. It's not. You call a gay dude a "Nancy boy" "Poofter" or "Nob Gobbler, and all the attention will get diverted to you and you'll be the target of an angry mob.
  10. Would that be the type of mob that dances and sings?
  11. Fair enough I understand now.

    Through the magical art of dance.
  12. What about pansy? It amounts to pretty much the same thing.
  13. Pansy can be used to describe someone who's wimpy or not very brave, probably more so than being used as an anti gay slur.
  14. You're a pansy!
  15. what your Mum said to me last night. Hi-oh!
  16. damn, even chi's mother insults you? you got it bad man.
  17. Take this faggot shit elsewhere. You're ruining the corgi thread.

    Now back to our originally scheduled programming...

  18. Khaid may be exaggerating a bit (it pretty much depends on where you are... and how stupid and intolerant the croud is... ie in a bar or some night clubs you might just get your tires slashed or worse... if your too annoying...) but you'll deffinitely get laughed at at best. You won't get your point acrossed in ANY PLACE (in the UK OR US) if your gonna be so stubborn.
  19. Corgis escape from their cages by opening the locks.

    I had a German Shepherd who used to do this. She could also open the front door and the lower kitchen cabinets.
  20. Corgi vs German Shepherd