The Corgi Thread

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  1. I hate corgis. Shepherd thread GO!


    Actually, I don't really believe in pets anyway so JK.
  2. Shepherds are my other favorite breed and I had two of them while I was growing up. Unfortunately they tend to have some pretty nasty health problems. If I get another one, it will probably be a Shiloh Shepherd.


  3. A corgi survives an avalanche that kills one of his owners, tunnels his way out of 12-14 feet of snow, survives 4 days in the wild on the side of a mountain in freezing temperatures, and finds his way back to his owners' hotel room.

    It's a sad story because they lost their dad, but at least the family got their dog back. Corgis are tough little dogs and this one must have had a very strong will to survive. Dogs are amazing animals.

  4. dang she scoots back faster than my 9 year old cousin!!
  5. They're easy to train if you can find a treat they like. Bacon usually works.

  6. I think this woman might be literally insane, but the Corgi moonwalking is pretty neat.

    Massive Corgi pack versus German Shepherd:

  7. Some stuff on Cardigans:
  8. The kibble dance.

  9. Corgis and shepherds look about the same from the bottom, minus the legs.

  10. I wana see a Corgi helicopter.
  11. I was thinking a corgi mini bike

  12. Corgi using a slide with some kids:

  13. Here's a Christmas gift for monkey, an injured Corgi. [​IMG]
  14. Master of horror Stephen King loves corgis:

    His corgi Marlowe. There's a character in the Dark Tower series based off of him:


    His latest corgi, Molly:

  15. One of my dogs got attacked by a coyote. We came back from a night out and the inside of the house had blood everywhere. We think the coyote hopped the fence in the backyard and my dog must have fought it off but not before getting several puncture wounds in the stomach. It then came in the house and bled everywhere. We got him patched at a 24 emergency vet which was expensive. I wasn't sure if he was going to make it but today he managed to stand up so I think he'll be fine.
  16. One of my dogs got into a fight with a possum a few years ago and needed to be stitched up. She killed the possum, but it ripped a few big chunks of flesh out of her face. Thankfully her fur grew back nicely so you couldn’t easily see the scars.