The Division 2 next level marketing

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    This happened a few days ago. They sent an apology email shortly after that got sent out.
  2. I don’t see what the big deal is. People get butthurt over everything now.
  3. Apology for what?
  4. we live in a snowflake society now in the US. someone probably complained about insensitivity
  5. We just had the longest government shutdown. A shutdown isn't usually a big deal but this time some people were forced to start going to food bank and get personal loans to cover rent. Many small businesses took a hit and had to lay people off. It's also possible it will happen again in about a week.
  6. Damn. No wonder.

  7. You playing this one AKS? I remember you got into the first one late in its life when it got a breath of new content.
  8. @khaid

    I was playing it quite a bit, but I haven't had a good team of players online lately. It can be punishing solo, particularly the bounties and high level control points. I really like the game, but solo play isn't in a great spot at the moment. I wish it launched with a Survival mode, my favorite part of Division 1, but I think that will probably come later in an update.
  9. Yeah, I normally play with a buddy of mine but only a few days a week. The game has been out for a month but we're only at world tier 4 now. I solo'd a control point 4 last night, but that came with dying like 5 times. The new healing system they put in place really makes the game a lot harder.

    I normally run skill builds and only a handful are useful right now damage-wise. They really need to rework their entire skill system.. abilities and attribute-wise.