The Division - PC beta Review

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by cmdrmonkey, Feb 19, 2016.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Wow this is bad. I'm playing on ultra and it looks like an early Xbox 360 game.

    The enemies are literally black friday shoppers and street niggas who throw rocks. But you need the world's best tactical gear to kill them.

    The story involves Black Friday Fever striking the nation. Walmart put an offbrand tv on sale for $30. Order collapsed. Now only a guy in a hoodie with a napsack can restore order.

    fucking lol at this being so hyped. It's Watchdogs all over again.
  2. the division is weird since it's using a realistic type of scenario. so it feels weird shooting people and they don't die after a few shots. but in the end, you have to remember it's an rpg style game where characters have hit points and there's an xp and leveling system (as well as weapon levels) along with loot system. so in other words, it's basically a borderlands/destiny style game, but without the sci-fi wonkiness.

    I play with friends and we all loved and put tons of hours into borderlands so the division is fun for us. the beta doesn't have have the crafting system available so i'm curious about that.

    also the dark zone pvp is where the fun is at right now.
  3. The Division is $15. Worth getting?
  4. i was playing it up till mid august. The game was a mess. Massive was pretty shortsighted with the endgame. To sum it up, they really messed up the difficulty levels that moving up from hard to challenging difficulty level would increase the mob's damage mitigation by up to 5x. That's just one difficulty level. Time to kill was absurd. You ended up just going cookie cutter builds so diversity was just a facade.

    There were so many people leaving the game because of the way it was going along and with bugs that existed since launch. Massive finally stated that were going to redesign the game's fundamentals, listen to what the players were asking for, and open up a public test server to get real feedback from the playerbase. Honestly, the public test server should've been available from the beginning. I feel like ubi tried to minimize funding to massive after the game's release. you could feel how well polished some things were in this game but some game mechanics were so broken that it was like amateur hour. i can only imagine that ubi set unrealistic deadlines for massive to meet for the dlc launch. also, there has has been some established games in the past few years that started as a shitshow and became fan favorites due to some redesigns. battlefield 4 started with a pretty broken multiplayer and then lauched the CTE (community test environment) and they fixed so many things. Diablo 3 was dying a pretty slow death until blizzard listened to their playerbase and rethought the loot process. It did very well and diablo became alive again. Somehow all of these past lessons were ignored by massive and ubi.

    fast forward to the present, the public test server is wrapping up this week and the 1.4 patch should be dropping shortly after that. ttk has been decreased. they tweaked threat behavior so you can properly tank now. rebalanced weapons and weapon talents. increased loot drops.. and the biggest change, they added world tier difficulty (similar to diablo's system).

    If you get it, your experience from level 1 to level 30 (level cap) will be fabulous. The game was great for that portion. for end game, the game is pretty broken currently until 1.4 launches. on top of that, it's like cmdr said, you need to play with your friends as endgame is all about group challenges.
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