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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by HellRipper, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. PCSX2 PS2 Emulator

    Stopping the chat about this in the Chatroom and starting it up back in here.

    Maybe it would be better if you could tell us the best settings for all of the settings to run games perfect is? That or save a picture of the settings page itself.

    Anyway, I was thinking upgrading to a quad core would probably be the best for me, and then maybe a graphics card that can run all the up-to-date top end PC games so that Emulation will be a breeze. This way I won't have to upgrade for a few years since I don't play PC games really other than World of Warcraft.
  2. PCSX2 PS2 Emulator

    You just need to open image in a new tab, it would be nice if there was a click to enlarge feature though.
  3. PCSX2 PS2 Emulator

    Created an Imageshack account, putted 'em there. Loads slow, but there seems to be an zoom option, which puts it to the original 2560x1600, that should be big nuff for you guys to read :p

    I dont like Imageshack, gonna use something better/faster in the future. All the gimmick flash java and silverlight crap, i just want to upload a screen and voila...
  4. PCSX2 PS2 Emulator

    There is a zoom function, but it just resizes it to a small unreadable size.
  5. PCSX2 PS2 Emulator

    The Imageshack screens i can fully view in 2560x1600, the original size and its readable, for me atleast:p
  6. Re: PCSX2 PS2 Emulator

    Thinking of getting one of these two Laptops. would they be able to run a PS2 emulator fine?


    Although the bottom one I have no clue how much RAM it has.
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    No, they both have low end graphics. You need something with a dedicated graphics card or at the very least an AMD Llano or AMD Trinity/Intel Ivy Bridge (mobile) when they come out.

    Besides, you also need a good CPU for emulation. Both of those are pretty low end, with the AMD one being very low end for the CPU.

    Look for something like this:
    Intel i5 dual core 2.4GHz or higher
    Nvidia GTX 555M/640M or higher or AMD 6770M/7670M or higher

    That's going to cost you £550-£800 though... and idealy you'd still want something a bit faster. Laptops are not cost effective for anything graphics intensive.

    The thing to note with graphics cards is that the first numbers show the generation and the last 2 or 3 show the model. So, a 620 is not faster than a 550, just newer. The important thing is to get something mid range, so the second number is what matters. Unfortunately it's not that simple since there are a clusterfuck of crippled products amongst the mid numbers and between brands the numbers don't match up.

    Or just post what you find here... :p

    The lowest end option would be a Trinity or Ivy Bridge based chip, but one of the higher end ones with the better graphics processors, so it's still going to be at least £450 I'd say.
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    Ok had a look on for you and this is what I found for as cheap as possible while still being decent for emulation.

    Okay graphics, lots of RAM, quad core.

    Okay graphics, lots of graphics RAM, a LOT of RAM, quad core

    Not much else I'm finding for good prices... I'm not sure if quad core is good either, a faster dual core might be a better option for emulators. I'm hoping the turbo on these will kick in when only using 1 or 2 cores.
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    I'll only have around 300 for one which is the problem. If I had my own place still I would just buy a whole new set for my desktop which would be better and cheaper but that is not a problem at the moment.

    My brother has an I3 laptop with some integrated graphics but says his PS2 emu works.

    I may have to have a rethink and just put off a decent enough Laptop and just a cheaper one for internet and lower console emu until I get a new place and can build a better desktop.

    What do you think?
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    I saw a video saying a Llano notebook can play the dolphin wii emulator so it's possible... I might look at the rest of his setup, what OS is he using? what background tasks? what graffic card is most important, I doubt the typical one that comes with i3's (HD2000) can run it. HD3000 or Ion possibly.
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    I cannot remember his specs much from when he came down last week but I think he had:

    I3 2ghz+
    Windows 7 64bit
    3gb ram

    Cannot remember the graphics card but I am sure it was a integrated one, unless I was mistaken and it was a dedicated one. He did say he paid 600 for it a few months back so it could be better.

    Perhaps he meant the emulator running and not the games itself.
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    It also depends on the game you want to emulate. I really doubt a HD2000 integrated could do any emulation at a decent resolution, maybe at the standard res as the CPU is pretty decent. He could have a laptop with dual graphics, where it uses the integrated for 2D and switches to a low-mid end for 3D. There are quite a few laptops in that price range with okayish discreet GPU's like GT 630m. I'd still recommend something higher for emulation.

    Llano could be a good option for you, but I'd probably wait for Trinity which is just around the corner. Ivy bridge is also an option but I'd want to see someone else running PS2 emulation fine on it first, Intel make pretty horrible video drivers so performance is inconsistent. The other thing as I mentioned is that you wan a high end version of both of these, so an A10 for trinity and an Core i5/7 with HD4000.

    Did you care about how good the screen is or will you just require HDMI out to run it through your TV?

    A desktop is definitely the better option, so if you only have 300 now then maybe just wait as you said.
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    seems like a lot of moolah for a damn ps2 game lol you might just as well get a vita, maybe sony will have it for purchase on psn.
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    Why not just buy a used PS2 on ebay? They go for about $50.

    Running a PS2 emulator is a nice bonus if you already have a powerful PC, but I wouldn't buy a PC just to run a PS2 emulator.
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    True, if you can't see yourself buying a PC for PC gaming then it's probably not worth it for you. It sounds like you need a laptop and are willing to spend a little more to have it also emulate PS2 games, but unfortunately it costs more than a little more and more like double at least. I wouldn't buy a desktop as well unless you're serious about getting into some PC games.
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    I think a ps2 purchase for him is kind of out of the question. since he doesn't live in his own place and can't even have a desktop I doubt he can have a collection of old consoles laying around.

    But even still I'd think a 900 dollar laptop (600 pounds? used) is too much just to emulate a ps2. Can't you just wait on that? really. Or get a psp and you might have to re-buy the game through Sony (damned greedy publishers) but it'd still be cheaper than emulating it in your instance. If you had another big reason you had to have this laptop I'd say do it, but you don't. And you don't seem like the kind of chap that has that kind of change laying around. You seem to want to move out or feel the need to move out, plus you have a nasty habbiit dealing with fags you need to tend to as well :D
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    I am only after RPGs for it. Especially ones never released in the UK like Grandia 3 and Suikoden 3. I got paid 500 this two weeks so I may just get a a laptop for internet and films and just wait until I get a new place and go desktop.
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    Yeah, if you want something powerful, a desktop is definitely the way to go. You get way more bang for your buck than you do with a laptop.
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    trust me grandia 3 aint worth it... and i share your love for grandia 1, the things i did to that game :eek:. grandia 1 not grandia 3, grandia 3 is just a turd to be kind. suikoden 3 i just played that and it was awesome.... though it goes on and on and on. not as bad as tales of symphonia but... i'm sure you'll like it. if you need a copy pm me maybe I can sell it to ya.

    -cept for the song that came from grandia 3... I love that song! I have a soft spot for J-pop :)-
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    I need to at least play Grandia 3 to see what it is like, plus its a new RPG so my RPG side needs to play it. Isnt there a PC version?