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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by HellRipper, Feb 8, 2011.

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    I got a Dreamcast emulator and games working on my laptop. No slowdown or glitches so far either. Will try a Gamecube later too.
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    I think dolphin is still a bit hit and miss but some games work well.

    DeSmuME 0.9.8 came out recently and works really well if you are after DS stuff.
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    The Sandy Bridge i3 is a pretty powerful CPU. It wouldn't surprise me if you can get the PS2 emulator working just fine.
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    I've got the Dreamcast emu working nearly perfect now. It looks better than it does on the actual Dreamcast console. The only promlem is missing vocal sounds in Grandia 2 but I'll have a fiddle later.

    Downloading Windwaker as we speak so will test that out when its done.

    This i3 was supposed to be dual core but its running 4cpus it says...

    @ Grim:

    I had the DS emulator running on my old crappy PC and that ran most games perfect so it should beast it now.
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    That's probably because hyperthreading is in on.
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    What does that mean then?

    I have also changed the thread title to something more appropriate at this stage of discussion.
  7. I got Windwaker running but sometimes theres slow down, not much but I have not yet set it up properly so that should fix it. Other than that it is all good.
  8. The i3 is a hyperthreaded dual core, which is basically a psuedo quad core. It has two physical cores and two additional virtual cores, for a total of four threads.
  9. I have Windwaker running on Dolphin but it can slowdown. When using a crappy blurry resolution it speeds up a bit but when selecting an option to improve it goes slower.

    Is this due to the integrated graphics card or the processor? Perhaps if my processor was on two CPUs instead of 4 maybe that would run better, if that were possible?

    The game works perfect except that so surely the card is enough?
  10. No, that actually sounds like the crappy integrated video in the laptop is preventing you from running at higher resolutions at a decent framerate.
  11. How annoying. It's playable with the blurry far away resolution so that will have to do unless I can find out how to do that hack thing which sorts out the blurry resolution problem.

    I had Grandia 2 running at 60fps early. Perhaps Windwaker itself is harder then most gamecube games to emulate.

  12. Did you make sure you have the latest drivers for the intel integrated video?
  13. No, but I was just thinking about drivers maybe making it better. I'll check it out tomorrow as I have work in 6 hours. I'll get back to you on it tomorrow.

    Just to make certain, would a new driver perhaps improve the dedicated card?
  14. As far as I know, your laptop doesn't have a dedicated/discrete graphics card from AMD or nVidia. You're using intel integrated video.

    And yes, newer video drivers often make a big difference in performance.
  15. It's a intel hd graphics family one. My brother has the 3000 series one.
  16. Success. I now have the game running at around 30fps and very playable. The graphics are near perfect except a small blur with the far draw distance. I updated the drivers and messed around with the settings putting it into a different type of console resolution.

    Happy days, but definitely know PS2 emulation is out of the question for now. No matter I have tons of Gamecube, Wii(maybe) and Dreamcast games to play.



  17. Update:

    I managed to sort out most of the graphical problems and it now runs smooth. Originally when first entering Ganons fortress the Framerate dropped a lot but after messing with a new found hack it now runs smooth. A happier Phisix now.

    Now just to see if Skies of arcadia, Sonic Adventure 2 battle, Baiten kaitos and tales of symphonia work the same before I test out the Wii side of it.
  18. Got PCSX2 running on my laptop and Shadow hearts is running at a smooth FPS. The only problems I have had was the battle against Bacon at the start of the game slowed down for 5 seconds in battle but then reverted back to running smooth, and also the graphics are quite jaggi, but the game is still quite playable.

    What you think of the screenshot below?

  19. that's Shadow Hearts allright, the CAT lady! The cat lady is awesome! after that though the game just got weird. never got around to finishing it.
  20. It's a quality series. I can play the third one sometime too but it features no Yuri from SH1 and Sh2.

    I also got The Last remnant running the PC version and it looks as good as the Xbox version with low settings.