The Euro is toast

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  1. Or so I hear. Is Italy going to tank and take the UK with it?
  2. The UK isn't in the Euro but of course we'd have exposure; so too would other big nations though. For example, I think the US has more at stake in Greece than the UK by some margin. Have no idea what the numbers are in Italy though - last I heard we had around £41 billion tied up by various institutions. The UK still has Triple A rating so our borrowing rates ate better, though they're greater than the other Triple A countries. We have the advantage of our own currency though, so the complications that face the Eurozone countries are somewhat different. We've also got a much lower percentage of debt to GDP even if the bank bailouts have impacted it.
  3. Well if Italy doesn't get you Rupert Murdoch surely will.
  4. What has happened? I don't keep up with the news.
  5. Geesh even I listen to the BBC. Italy has a dept crisis which threatens to devalue the Euro. It's a way bigger issue than Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Spain's money problems.
  6. Serves them right, corrupt bastards.
  7. We best not bail them out!
  8. I hope the Euro does de-value; it means I can buy MORE of them when I go on my Holidays and I can leave exuberant tips and get drunk off my ass on peanuts (unlike now where they literally have my eyes out for a drink).

    Also, it means more sunbeds since the Germans will undoubtedly holiday closer to home.
  9. Comprehensive banking and financial reform, as well as the recapitalization of private households is what is needed in the UK, Europe, and the U.S. All of this austerity and deficit stuff is a smoke screen to try and delay reform of the fraud and predatory behavior in the top economic brackets.
  10. After bailing Greece out I don't think we can just turn our backs on Italy, unfortunately. The end of civilisation as we know it is coming!
  11. I think this could all be fixed in a day if politicians worked for the people rather than lobbyist.
  12. Did you bet for/against it? I hope it crashes to shit.
  13. Honestly, if I got some meatballs out of it I would be happy.
  14. And still I love to buy shit in the States. It is so cheap to have them send their shit to us. :lol:

    Still, the worst thing that happened to Europe is the Euro.
  15. And now France is joining the list of troubled countries. Pretty soon Germany will be the ultimate power in Europe.
  16. Look how well that worked out the last two times lol.
  17. ooooohh. Too soon!
  18. Lol, its the new warfare. Economic warfare.
  19. Don't fight it. You know it was meant to be.
  20. I just wish the jerks that ACTUALLY run/own the UK would just pull us out of Europe a la Norways example. Think of all the money the UK could save by not paying into the EU. I'm so sick of these jerks getting bailed out by a country that wasn't stupid enough to join their currency.