The Evil Dead 2012

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Phisix, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. The trailer is out for the Evil Dead remake.

    It actually looks like it will be a good remake. One could hope.
  2. Why in the hell are they remaking this? The original was literally just a campy movie with an impressive campy movie fanbase. The reason why it was known is because of the super campy feel. Is this getting a wide release? This actually may work if it's not Hollywood and gets on-demand/limited release treatment.
  3. Cabin in the woods? Check.
  4. No cameo by Bruce though. :(
  5. Yea, I see they have quite a bit of input on the project. I assume this is probably what they were going for in the original but were constrained by the tiny budget.
  6. Well it was already made twice. They should have just called it Evil Dead 4.
  7. Bad film looks bad. I literally couldn't care less about high school students being terrorised out in the woods. Ultimate yawn. At least the original was hilariously bad, this just looks boring, like all "scary" films then really.
  8. You really need to see Tucker and Dale vs Evil.
  9. That film is hilarious! ;D
  10. I've seen the trailer before. It looks like it still has whiny annoying teenagers but they've thrown in some mediocre looking comedy.